Tangled Cord

I didn't have my glasses on....

not us, but what we might look like if we were minions,

as we share a similar level of excitement about being at the movies

how fun to meet my friend

at 10am at the theater

like skipping school

on a sunday morning

attending the church of film

i bought a coffee

snuck in my breakfast bar

as we walked in

i saw an older couple

and reacted by saying,

“wow, there are other people here!”

their response was to just stare ahead

we continued on to our seats

 5 or 6 more people arrived

while we waited for the movie to start

my friend and i caught up

 we started bonding with the others near us

talking about how good we all hoped movie would be

how it was funny we were all at such an early movie

talking about the trailers

someone noticed

 there was no audio…

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