Evil Words by Evil Men

History of Sorts

I was struggling to find a title for this piece. I was thinking of using words like testimonies or confessions, but neither of those words reflect the reality in my opinion.

Testimony is too soft because it lessens the effect of the severity of the actions of the perpetrators. On the other hand. testimony in the context of the victims and survivors of the Holocaust strengthen the descriptions of the crimes.

Confession is a way of looking for forgiveness and I don’t think that is not my prerogative to forgive them, that is only for the victims and their families if they wish to do so.

Starting with the words of Oscar Gröning, as pictured above. He was known as the bookkeeper of Auschwitz.

Oscar Gröning: It was not long before I was assigned to supervise the luggage collection of an incoming transport.

When this was over, it was just…

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