The kIdnapping and murder of Adolph Coors III

We have all heard of Coors beer and some of us probably drink it every once in a while. I do. But not so many of us know the story and the drama behind the name.Adolph Coors stowed away to America at the age of 21 with a dream of brewing great beers. He realizedContinue reading “The kIdnapping and murder of Adolph Coors III”

I’ll drink to that-Lets open a can.The history of canned beer.

This is a subject that is close to my heart, it makes me emotional. In fact after having had a few of these it makes me very emotional. It is beer! And not just any beer but canned beer. Having a can of beer is not just having a drink, it is an adventure. YouContinue reading “I’ll drink to that-Lets open a can.The history of canned beer.”

The London beer flood October 1814

No this is not a Carlsberg ad.”Carlsberg don’t do floods but if they did” On Monday 17th October 1814, a terrible disaster claimed the lives of at least 8 people in St Giles, London. A bizarre industrial accident resulted in the release of a beer tsunami onto the streets around Tottenham Court Road. The HorseContinue reading “The London beer flood October 1814”

Michael Jackson-What’s in a name?

I am deviating a bit from my regular blogs for this more quirky and lighthearted blog.Living in an English speaking country my name is quite unique so my name is automatically associated to only me(at least where I live) , but the name Michael Jackson is fairly common and yet it is only associated withContinue reading “Michael Jackson-What’s in a name?”