The time when the Americans arrived in Northern Ireland.

The republic of Ireland remained neutral during WWII although it did specify the era as the “Emergency”, Northern Ireland however, as part of the UK, was not neutral. On January 26, 1942, the first American soldiers  to land in the European theatre of operations in World War Two disembarked their troop ships in Belfast docks.  Continue reading “The time when the Americans arrived in Northern Ireland.”

Belfast Blitz-15 April 1941

Although the Republic of Ireland was neutral and was left largely unscathed during the war, Northern Ireland as part of the UK was not that lucky. Belfast being the biggest city of Northern Ireland was hit by German bombers 4 times, between the 7th of April and 6th of May 1941. Northern Ireland was illContinue reading “Belfast Blitz-15 April 1941”