I am just a child

childI am just a child

I wear no uniform. nor do I carry a gun

My best friend is a doll

I am just a child

I do not hate nor do I judge

My school days haven’t even begun yet

I am just a child

I play with toys and like to draw pictures of our house and garden

My parents love me as I love them

I am just a child

I caused people to hate me but I do not know how or why

My life has just begun

I am just a child

Actually I am no longer a child

I am a number and a statistic

To some I am a non entity

I am a child with a name

I am Aline Korenbajzer

I was born on August 31, 1939 in Paris. France.I was killed on August 30, 1942 . A day before I turned 3. at Auschwitz .


Source of Picture

Ancient Faces


Taught to Hate-The Hitler youth,part 2


There are 2 indisputable facts when it comes to the youngest members of society.

  1. A child is born with no state of mind, a baby does not know how to hate or how to love, he/she is taught how to do both and is conditioned to the environment he or she grows up in.
  2. He who had the youth has the future.

Hitler was aware for his ideology to work on a large scale it needed to be indoctrinated from a very young age. The Nazi regime needed to have full control of life cycle from cradle to grave.

I have heard people say “If my child was in the Hitler youth I would severely discipline my son or daughter” the fact is you wouldn’t, because firstly you would have brought your child to the meetings, secondly you would fear your own safety if you would even say anything negative about the Nazi regime even to your child. In many cases Hitker youth children would even betray their own parents.


Being part of a group was very intoxicating for a young child, in fact it still is. The truth is at the start it was fun. They did all sorts of cool things. They went camping together, built bonfires and they were even taught how to shoot a rifle, not a toy one but a real genuine rifle. What boy wouldn’t love that.



They weren’t taught to hate straight away, it was a gradual process. Although it really doesn’t take that long to brainwash a child, if the conditions are right it only takes a few days to alter their attitude completely, as the ‘3rd wave experiment@ conducted in 1967 by high school teacher Ron Jones illustrated. This experiment even had the benefit of hindsight, Where the Hitler youth had no prior knowledge of what evil some of them would eventually embark on.




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Age 6


Age 6, I should have the whole world open to me

Age 6, there is still so much for me to do and to see.

Age 6, like all my friends I want to go to school.

Age 6, and sometimes I want to play the fool.

Age 6, I have yet so many games to play.

Age 6, so many words I still have to learn and say.

Age 6, my greatest ambition is to become seven

Age 6, I was murdered and sent to heaven

Age 6 , I am Jacqueline Bernheim killed in Auschwitz on May 22, 1944.

Age 6, with my family and friends I will be no more.



I will be your voice


Dear Marta Weisz, you don’t know me and I don’t know you but yet I pledge to be your voice.

You were a product of love between 2 people, but you were killed by a product of hate.

I say product because when you were born you produced a feeling in your parents which can not be described by any pen. Suffice to say it was heavenly.

You also produced the willingness in others to abandon their moral compass and to kill you, although they knew it was wrong.

My pledge is to be your voice because yours was silenced aged 2 in Auschwitz. What happened to your parents I don’t know, but I presume their voices were silenced too.

And if they survived do not feel anger towards them for not speaking, for surviving without you was not a blessing but a punishment, even though they did nothing wrong.

I will be their voice too.

Why so called ‘cultured’ and ‘sophisticated’ men butchered so many like you is hard to fathom for me.

All I can do is be that voice of the souls who perished so this will never happen again, although I know that it is.


The smile of an Angel


The smile of Henri Fragman , how Angelic.

Those eyes tell so many stories.

The story of a 5 year old who got his hands dirty playing in the mud, even though his mother told him to stay clean because she was about to serve dinner.

The story of the boy who loved to play hide and go seek. He was the best because he had a secret hiding place, no one would ever find him. It was in his own room under the bed, and although his dad would often check there during the game, he never ever found him.

The eyes who say I just took a cookie from the cookie jar while you weren’t looking.

The smile that clearly hides some playful mischievousness.

A smile of a little boy whose biggest ambition is to go outside and kick a ball

A smile of an Angel hated by a regime.

A smile of an Angel deemed not to be worthy staying alive.

A smile that was ended on August 21, 1942,

Little Angel Henri Fragman murdered age 5 in Auschwitz


Picture courtesy of ancientfaces

I am 3


My name is Julia Bricht, I am 3.

When I am four I will go to school and learn all sorts of things and play with my friends.

When I am 6 I will go the big school and will get to know more people and learn even more things.

When I am 12 I will go to the high school and become a star pupil and I will be wise and educated.

When I am 18 I will go to University and will study to become a Doctor or an Architect and maybe I will write books.

Or maybe I will not go to university but art college and become a painter, dancer or a beautiful singer.

When I am 24 I will get married to a wonderful man and we will have children and we will be happy and travel to see the world.

But I am 3 and I am murdered in Auschwitz.

No first kiss

14d20b6de80c9ed275de7e8fd0f9625fAll of us will have grown up experiencing first special occasions in our lives, like a first kiss for example. But because of the warped ideology of some evil men, these experiences were denied to so many.

The picture above is of Henriette van der Sluijs murdered in Auschwitz on October 15, 1942 at age 13 months..

Lea Benjamins murdered in Auschwitz on Nov. 19, 1942,aged 7.


Peter Leitmann-Peter was only 7 when he was sadly murdered at Auschwitz-Birenkau in 1944.


Samuel Jezierski age 5 was sent to Auschwitz then  murdered on March 27, 1944.


Samuel Jezierski age 5 was sent to Auschwitz , murdered on March 27, 1944.


No first kiss.

No first dance.

No favourite song on the radio.

No first movie in the cinema.

No first summer holiday.

No first boyfriennd

No first girlfriend

No first wedding day

No vows to say

No first college day

No first bills to pay

No more can I say because my eyes swell up, the tears impair my vision.



Bright eyes no more shine- A stolen future


I know many publish very graphic images of the Holocaust, which I can fully understand. Although I have posted them too, I have become more reluctant to do so.

I believe in order to understand the horrors of the holocaust it is often much more effective to look at the eyes of one of the young victims. The sparkling bright eyes that were no longer allowed to shine.

The picture is of Gerard Levy.

He could have been your mechanic, or your doctor.He could have been your painter, or your lawyer.

He could have been your neighbor,or your friend.

He could have even been your Father.

But he was never given that opportunity for his future was stolen.

Gerard Levy was deported with his mother and infant sister on December 18, 1943 and murdered a couple days later.


Toddler and other young ‘enemies’ of the state


I have posted similar blogs like this before and I won’t apologize for that because it is important to understand how warped the Nazi ideology was.

They killed babies and children not by accident but deliberately, Children who often could not even walk yet were seen as enemies of the state.

The above picture is of Betty Jas , she was only 2 years old when she was murdered at Auschwitz-Birenkau on October 12, 1942.

Eva Kovach


Eva was only 4 when she was  murdered at Auschwitz-Birenkau in 1944.

Isaac Costa de Foncea


9 year old Isaac Costa de Foncea was  murdered in Auschwitz on September 17, 1942 with his three younger sisters Betsy (6) Ina (4) Elisabeth (20 months)

Annie Dirnfeld

Annie Dirnfeld

Annie Dirnfeld age 2 was sadly deported to Auschwitz then murdered on July 5, 1944.

Alfred Schenkel


Alfred Schenkel gassed in Auschwitz on Apr. 15, 1944. Alfred perished 3 months before his 7th birthday.

What is most disturbing is many of those who send these kids to be gassed had children themselves, and yet to did not perceive their acts to be evil.




Poor innocent child- A poem for the young victims of the Holocaust


Poor innocent child


Your eyes have no hate.

And yet there are those who hate you.



Your smile has no fear

And yet there are those who fear you



Your tears are filled with feelings

And yet there are those who have no feelings for you.



Your face so beautiful and pure

And yet there are those who look upon it in disgust



Your life has so much meaning

And yet there are those who believe it has no meaning at all


Poor innocent child.


Except for the boy with the tears, all of these children were killed.


I am passionate about my site and I know a you all like reading my blogs. I have been doing this at no cost and will continue to do so. All I ask is for a voluntary donation of $2 ,however if you are not in a position to do so I can fully understand, maybe next time then. Thanks