Pinkpop: the death of an institute.

PinkPop is the oldest and longest running annual dedicated pop and rock music festival in the world. It started in 1970 in the former mining town of Geleen in the south east of the Netherlands. It stayed there until 1986. In 1987 it moved north a bit to Baarlo and since 1988 it has beenContinue reading “Pinkpop: the death of an institute.”

Executive Order 9066

Ten weeks after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066, authorizing the removal of any or all people from military areas “as deemed necessary or desirable.” The military in turn defined the entire West Coast, home to the majority of Americans of Japanese ancestry or citizenship, as aContinue reading “Executive Order 9066”

Terror Attacks

Europe was hit by yet an awful terror attack and my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. It is only going to be a matter of time before the loony left,neo liberals  and the far right will be spouting their theories on who and what is to blame.On the oneContinue reading “Terror Attacks”

Why do we allow history to repeat itself?

With the Pegida marches which took place all over Europe the last weekend, one inescapable fact became clear, History is repeating itself and we are allowing it to do so. I am not going to dismiss the genuine fears people in the west have about Islam, because some of it is real. There are thoseContinue reading “Why do we allow history to repeat itself?”

Making a Murderer, the Steven Avery case

+++++ This Blog contains spoiler alerts++++++++ I watched the Netflix “Making a Murderer” over the last few days and last night I watched the ID Documentary “Steven Avery:Innocent or Guilty” they also referred to the Netflix documentary Now I am not an investigator or law enforcement agent that’s why I am reserving my judgement whetherContinue reading “Making a Murderer, the Steven Avery case”


On July 17th 2014 Flight MH17 was cowardly brought down near Torez in the Donetsk Oblast in Ukraine, approximately 25 miles from the Russian border. Thus far no one has claimed responsibility for this crime. One of the things I find really disturbing is the way some people are dismissing this as if it wasContinue reading “MH17”

Political Correctness

In this PC world people will eventually get what they wish for, just to find out that it wasn’t actually what they wanted but it will be too late then. It bothers me when people defend some criminals and thugs by saying “they had a bad childhood. Or that they had no opportunities or anywhereContinue reading “Political Correctness”