Killed to obtain a professorship

Alexander Hornemann, 8, the Netherlands Eduard Hornemann, 12, the Netherlands Marek Steinbaum, 10, Poland Marek James, 6, Poland W. Junglieb, 12, Yugoslavia Roman Witonski, 7, Poland Roman Zeller, 12, Poland Sergio de Simone, 7, Italy Georges Andre Kohn, 12, France Eduard Reichenbaum, 10, Poland Jacqueline Morgenstern, 12, France Surcis Goldinger, 11, Poland Lelka Birnbaum, 12,Continue reading “Killed to obtain a professorship”

Operation Oyster-The Bombing of Philips Eindhoven

  For 10 years I worked for Philips and was not aware of this bit of the company’s history, although I worked in a different plant in another city, the links to Eindhoven were substantial because HQ was located there. On this day 74 years ago the Philips Radio Works in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands wasContinue reading “Operation Oyster-The Bombing of Philips Eindhoven”

Forgotten History-Frits Philips

  We all know the name and brand. The company which was started as a family business in 1891  by Gerard and his Father Frederik Philips, who owned a cigar shop and was a first cousin of Karl Marx.   Gerard and his younger brother Anton Philips changed the business to a corporation by foundingContinue reading “Forgotten History-Frits Philips”