Emmi G.

This is a picture of Emmi G,a victim of the T4  euthanasia program. Killed because she was ‘different’. What makes her story even sadder is the fact that we don’t even know her full name. All we know is that she was 16 when she was killed with an overdose of tranquilizers on December 7,Continue reading “Emmi G.”

Memorandum authorizing involuntary euthanasia

Five short lines determined the lives or rather the end of lives of up to 300,000 innocent people. “Reichsleiter  Bouhler and Dr. med.  Brandt are hereby instructed and authorized to broaden the powers of designated physicians to the extent that persons who are suffering from diseases which may be deemed incurable according to standards ofContinue reading “Memorandum authorizing involuntary euthanasia”

Tiergartenstraße 4

Tiergartenstraße 4, may look like an ordinary German address. But is an address which is synonymous to unspeakable evil. It was the address of a villa in  the Tiergarten or Zoo district in central Berlin. But more then that it was the headquarters of the Nazi “euthanasia” program ,the mass murder of disabled people andContinue reading “Tiergartenstraße 4”

Werner Catel- deciding who lives.

One of the most disturbing aspects  of the Holocaust I find is the fact that so many who were instrumental in so many evil deeds, were allowed to continue after the war. In February or March 1939 a farmer called Richard Kretschmar requested Catel’s permission to euthanize one of his children, the child we nowContinue reading “Werner Catel- deciding who lives.”

Reporting of children who showed signs of severe mental or physical disability.

They say a picture paints a thousand words.But ever since I have been doing blogs about the holocaust I have seen many pictures that have left me speechless, and none more so then the suffering of children. On August 18 1939, Wilhelm Frick ordered all physicians, nurses and midwives to report children under the age ofContinue reading “Reporting of children who showed signs of severe mental or physical disability.”

Hans Asperger-Highly regarded physician who ruthlessly send children to death.

First do no harm is a key element of the Hippocratic oath, the oath physicians take. However during WWII and before it many physicians working for or with the Nazi regime were happy to forget that oath. And not all of them were actually members of the Nazi party, as was Dr Hans Asperger anContinue reading “Hans Asperger-Highly regarded physician who ruthlessly send children to death.”

Child K-The First T 4 victim

The T4 program AKA Aktion T4 was a postwar name for mass murder through involuntary euthanasia in Nazi Germany.The name T4 is an abbreviation of Tiergartenstraße 4, a street address of the Chancellery department set up in the spring of 1940, in the Berlin borough of Tiergarten, which recruited and paid personnel associated with T4. Certain German physicians were authorized to select patients “deemed incurablyContinue reading “Child K-The First T 4 victim”

Helene Melanie Lebel- To “ill” to be allowed to live.

On this day in 1939 Adolf Hitler signed an order to begin the systematic euthanasia of mentally ill and disabled people, the so called T4 program. https://dirkdeklein.net/2016/04/08/forgotten-history-the-t-4-holocaust-victimsthe-killing-of-the-disabled/ The T4 program, which was was basically the gassing of people who were deemed mentally ill, was the first wave of mass extermination by the Nazi regime. Helena Melanie Lebel wasContinue reading “Helene Melanie Lebel- To “ill” to be allowed to live.”

Hartheim Euthanasia Centre

The first mass murder by means of gassing by the Nazi regime did not happen in the concentration camps The first gassings in Germany took place in January 1940 at the Brandenburg Euthanasia Centre. However it was the Hartheim Euthanasia centre which was the main centre to carry out the ‘T4 Program’ the mass murder ofContinue reading “Hartheim Euthanasia Centre”

Nazi Laws which were still enforced or re-introduced after WWII.

Although some many sacrifices were made to fight Fascism and the Nazi regime it is unfathomable that some of it’s laws were still maintained after the war or appear to be making a come back nowadays, albeit under a different name and context but the fundamentals are basically the same. When the Nazi concentration campsContinue reading “Nazi Laws which were still enforced or re-introduced after WWII.”