Gerda Steinhoff- No remorse but jokes.

++++++++CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES++++++++++ The buzzword nowadays is gender balance, and to be fair to the Nazi regime they had figured out gender balance decades ago. But was that a good thing? When it come to evil there is no real difference between men and women, the men are in general physically stronger through their biology,Continue reading “Gerda Steinhoff- No remorse but jokes.”

This is

This is Margot Jany  she was 8 years old when she was  murdered at Auschwitz-Birenkau on March 8, 1943. This is Ernest Frydman age 9 from Paris, France was  deported and murdered in Auschwitz on August 1942. This is Joseph and Mina Kiszelewski  murdered in the gas chamber on August 26, 1942 at age 9 andContinue reading “This is”

Wolfram Sievers-MD of Sick scientists

Wolfram Sievers was the Reich Manager of the Ancestral Heritage Society (“Ahnenerbe”) and Director of its Institute for Military Scientific Research (Institut fuer Wehrwissenschaftliche Zweckforschung) In order to understand how sick and twisted this man and his colleagues were I will demonstrate this not by horrific images but by a letter he send to another ‘sceintist’Continue reading “Wolfram Sievers-MD of Sick scientists”

The Banality of Evil

The mistake that is often made in describing the Nazis, who were responsible for millions of deaths, is that they are called ‘monsters’ The scary thing is they weren’t monsters, they were human beings,extremely evil ones  but human beings nonetheless.By calling them monsters, you provide an excuse for the crimes they committed, for what elseContinue reading “The Banality of Evil”

Amon Göth

Anyone who has seen Schindler’s List will remember Ralph Fiennes’s portrayal of this man. I say man reluctantly because even though he looked, walked and talked like a man, he was really an animal. Amon Leopold Göth was born on 11 December 1908 in Vienna. He was married twice, divorced in 1934 and again inContinue reading “Amon Göth”