The twisted evil mind of Mengele.

People sometimes think that Mengele was the only ‘Doctor’ in Auschwitz, but in fact there were more then a 30 physicians working there. Mengele however was the most notorious one, he also seemed to be the most enthusiastic sicentist, He had a particularly evil mind. I am not going to talk about the experiments becauseContinue reading “The twisted evil mind of Mengele.”

Killed to obtain a professorship

Alexander Hornemann, 8, the Netherlands Eduard Hornemann, 12, the Netherlands Marek Steinbaum, 10, Poland Marek James, 6, Poland W. Junglieb, 12, Yugoslavia Roman Witonski, 7, Poland Roman Zeller, 12, Poland Sergio de Simone, 7, Italy Georges Andre Kohn, 12, France Eduard Reichenbaum, 10, Poland Jacqueline Morgenstern, 12, France Surcis Goldinger, 11, Poland Lelka Birnbaum, 12,Continue reading “Killed to obtain a professorship”

Table of Death

A name you don’t hear mentioned very often in the context of WWII and the Holocaust is Siegfried Adolf Handloser. He was Chief of the Medical Services of the German Armed Forces during World War II. And held therefore the  most important medical position in the entire German Armed Forces and the Waffen-SS. He couldContinue reading “Table of Death”

The experiments of Horst Schumann.

I have to warn you up front, this is not an easy read. I will try to stick to the facts and keep my emotions out of it, regardless on how difficult that will be. And I will keep it only to the experiments and the post war situation for Horst Schumann. Horst Schumann  wasContinue reading “The experiments of Horst Schumann.”

The evil of Mengele.

I could fill this blog with pictures of the experiments Joseph Mengele conducted in Auschwitz, but I think most of the readers would not be able to stomach the images. I know I can’t ,therefore I am just going to quote some eye witness reports to illustrate how truly evil this man was. He hadContinue reading “The evil of Mengele.”

Would you willingly hurt someone,if someone in authority told you to?

I have already done a piece on the Milgram experiments, and this will be more of a follow up. The Milgram experiment,was designed to observe the extent to which individuals would perform acts that violated their personal conscience when under orders from an authority figure. Basically they wanted  to investigate whether Germans were particularly obedientContinue reading “Would you willingly hurt someone,if someone in authority told you to?”

Kurt Heissmeyer-“For me there was no basic difference between human beings and guinea pigs.”

One of the more disturbing aspects of the Holocaust is that so many perpetrators got way with murder, even after admitting to it. Kurt Heissmeyer was a SS physician and the nephew of the senior SS officer August Heissmeyer. In order for Kurt to receive a professorship he requires to present original research. Even though  previouslyContinue reading “Kurt Heissmeyer-“For me there was no basic difference between human beings and guinea pigs.””

The Milgram experiment

One question that puzzles many people around the world is how was it possible that a sophisticated nation like Germany could be responsible for something is horrific as the Holocaust? The scary and the brutal reality is that is was extremely easy. Another reality is that this could have happened anywhere else. Someone once toldContinue reading “The Milgram experiment”

The Sea water experiments-Evil Science.

In 1798 the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” was published by he English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The most famous line of the poem is “Water, water, every where,Nor any drop to drink.” There are several theories in relation to the inspiration of the poem but the above mentioned line refers to theContinue reading “The Sea water experiments-Evil Science.”

The era of hypocrisy-The post WWII era

One thing that has always baffled me was the blatant double standards applied at the end and the era just after WWII. On one hand you had scientists like Alan Turing, whose work on the enigma code shortened the war by 2 years, and potentially saved millions of lives, but because of his homosexuality wasContinue reading “The era of hypocrisy-The post WWII era”