The raid on Berck-sur-Mer

You have to give it to the Brits, they don’t give up. Regardless how dire the outlook they will come up with daring stuff to overcome their struggle. As it was the case in June 1941. They appear to be fighting the Germans on their own, Heavily outnumbered they had to come up with innovativeContinue reading “The raid on Berck-sur-Mer”

Dolle Dinsdag-Mad Tuesday-September 5,1944.

Reporting the news accurately is important at any given time. Reporting it accurately during wartime when tensions are high is vital, if you fail to do so it can create false expectations and can potentially cost lives. On Tuesday September 5th 1944, the Dutch  Prime Minister Gerbrandy announced via the Radio Oranje  that the alliedContinue reading “Dolle Dinsdag-Mad Tuesday-September 5,1944.”

Fake news WWII style

Between 1941 and 1943, an exceedingly peculiar series of transmissions reached radio sets in Germany. The broadcaster called himself Der Chef, or the chief, and his Berliner accent and prodigious knowledge of military affairs suggested he was a high-ranking German of the old guard, probably an army officer. A patriot and Hitler loyalist, Der Chef bemoanedContinue reading “Fake news WWII style”