The other Mussolinis

Cynical me would have probably given this blog the title “Hey, karma is a b*tch” but I am aware that my audience is bigger then just me and therefore I aim to remain unbiased. Bruno Mussolini (22 April 1918 – 7 August 1941) was the son of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and Mussolini’s wife Rachele. On 7 August 1941, the 23-year-oldContinue reading “The other Mussolinis”

Battle of Santiago

No this is not a piece on World War 2 or any other war for that matter,although it is often said that football is war. The Battle of Santiago  is the name given to a particularly infamous football match during the 1962 FIFA World Cup. It was a game played between host Chile and ItalyContinue reading “Battle of Santiago”

Secret message in a bullet

One of the biggest mistakes Hitler made during WWII was actually partnering up with Benito Mussolini and his army. The Italian army was extremely effective before the war and well into 1941. The Italian army invaded Ethiopia and Albania and crushed the defending armies. However this was against countries with outdated tech, small armies andContinue reading “Secret message in a bullet”

The last days of “Il Duce” Benito Mussolini

In September 1943, Nazi paratroopers staged a daring commando raid that rescued Mussolini from the Apennine Mountain ski resort where he was being detained. Hitler installed Mussolini as the figurehead of the Social Republic of Italy (known informally as the Republic of Salo), a Nazi puppet state in German-occupied northern Italy. By April 25, 1945,Continue reading “The last days of “Il Duce” Benito Mussolini”

The SS John Harvey disaster

SS John Harvey was a U.S. World War II Liberty ship. This ship is most well known for carrying a secret cargo of mustard gas and whose sinking by German aircraft in December 1943 at the port of Bari in south Italy caused an unintentional release of chemical weapons. The John Harvey was built byContinue reading “The SS John Harvey disaster”

Leonarda Cianciulli-Soap Maker and Serial Killer.

Next time you wash your hands or face with a bar of soap, or teacake you might just want to reconsider after reading this story. Leonarda Cianciulli (14 April 1894 – 15 October 1970) was an Italian serial killer. Better known as the “Soap-Maker of Correggio”  she murdered three women in Correggio between 1939 andContinue reading “Leonarda Cianciulli-Soap Maker and Serial Killer.”

Forgotten History-Rab Concentration camp

It is a popular misconception that the concentration camps were a Nazi invention, but in fact the British had already established concentration camps in South Africa during the 2nd Boer war. It could be argued that the Indian reservations in the US were also concentration camps. But of course the sort of camps which wereContinue reading “Forgotten History-Rab Concentration camp”