The Longest Day and how Goldfinger temporarily was banned in Israel.

The Longest Day is still one of my favourite movies. The epic cinematic event about D-Day and the direct aftermath. It was one of the first ensemble cast movies, basically anyone who was anyone in Hollywood was part of the movie. Because it was shot less then 2 decades after D-Day and the end ofContinue reading “The Longest Day and how Goldfinger temporarily was banned in Israel.”

Goldeneye-James Bond in WWII

I have to confess that the title is actually deceiving, because this blog is not about James Bond as such but more about 007’s creator, Ian Fleming, and some of his WWII efforts. Looking at some of the operations it appears that his inspiration for James Bond may have partially come from himself. In MayContinue reading “Goldeneye-James Bond in WWII”

The forgotten James Bond

Everyone knows there have been 7 actors who played the illusive 007. Sean Connery,Roger Moore,George Lazenby,Timothy Dalton,Pierce Brosnan,Daniel Craig and David Niven(who played Bond in the parody Casino Royale) And when you exclude the parody Casino Royale there have been 24 movies and number 25 due out in the cinemas in April 2020. Well onContinue reading “The forgotten James Bond”