The cowardly execution of Sgt.Leonard Siffleet.

The Japanese Imperial  Armed forces did claim they were honorable and conducted themselves in the way of the Bushido. In reality there was very little honour in how they conducted themselves, especially when it came to treating prisoners of war. The Bushido code consists of a set of 8 virtues, one of them being Benevolence orContinue reading “The cowardly execution of Sgt.Leonard Siffleet.”

The Pig Basket atrocity

We all know about the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime and they are truly awful, mostly even hard to fathom, but we should never forget the crimes committed by the Japanese regime, very often they were just as evil if not worse.. One only had to look at the rape of Nanking or atContinue reading “The Pig Basket atrocity”

Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal

When we think of the WWII war crime tribunal we usually think about the Nuremberg Trials, however there were several trials for the Nazis weren’t the only ones who had committed war crimes. The Japanese Imperial Army were also guilty of atrocities, and some of them were more brutal and evil then the crimes committedContinue reading “Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal”

The Nanking Massacre-The Rape of Nanking

+++++ Contains Graphic Images++++++ Officially World War II started on September 3 1939,but in all earnestly it had really already started in 1937 with Japan attacking China. We often hear about the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime, however the Japanese were as brutal if not more brutal and evil. The Nanking Massacre was anContinue reading “The Nanking Massacre-The Rape of Nanking”

The Hopevale Martyrs

  The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members. The American Catholic missionaries in Tapaz,Philippines probably could not be specified as vulnerable but the people they cared for were. additionally the missionaries themselves did not pose any threat themselves to the Japanese occupiers. The Hopevale Martyrs were Christian martyrs whoContinue reading “The Hopevale Martyrs”

Banzai-Suicides for the Emperor

How do you fight an enemy that is not afraid to kill themselves? In the air they had the Kamikaze pilots on the ground they had troops carrying out Banzai charges, how can you fight an enemy that has absolutely no regard for life? Not even their own lives. How do you fight an armyContinue reading “Banzai-Suicides for the Emperor”

Hisao Tani-Japanese War Criminal

Tani was born 22 December 1882 in Okayama Prefecture. He graduated from the 15th class of the Imperial Japanese Army Academy in 1903 and from the 24th class of the Army War College, where he became an instructor in 1924. The College used his texts on strategy and tactics as required readings. He saw serviceContinue reading “Hisao Tani-Japanese War Criminal”

The Goettge patrol.

In the context of war, perfidy is a form of deception in which one side promises to act in good faith (such as by raising a flag of truce) with the intention of breaking that promise once the unsuspecting enemy is exposed (such as by coming out of cover to attack the enemy coming to take the “surrendering” prisoners into custody). Perfidy constitutes aContinue reading “The Goettge patrol.”

A flag as an apology

The text of this ‘good luck flag’, which belonged to the Japanese General Shunkichi Ikeda, reads: ’A tiger walks 1,000 miles, but always returns again’. A group of Japanese women from his place of birth embroidered this thousand-stitch saying, meant to bring him luck and prosperity. Whenever the General went into battle with his troopsContinue reading “A flag as an apology”

St. Stephen’s College massacre-Japanese Hong Kong atrocity

The St. Stephen’s College massacre  involved a series of acts of extreme cruelty committed by the Imperial Japanese Army on 25 December 1941 during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong at St. Stephen’s College. Several hours before the British surrendered on Christmas day at the end of the Battle of Hong Kong, Japanese soldiers entered St. Stephen’s College, which was being used as a hospitalContinue reading “St. Stephen’s College massacre-Japanese Hong Kong atrocity”