“I could be somebody”-The killing of John Lennon.

It is hard to believe that it has already been 39 years since John Lennon was killed. Mark David Chapman(pictured above with John Lennon , a few hours before he killed him)  shot Lennon dead on December 9, 1980 – in the door of his home in the Dakota building, overlooking Central Park in NewContinue reading ““I could be somebody”-The killing of John Lennon.”

When Heroes weren’t so Heroic

We all have heroes and that is important, you need someone to look up to. But Heroes are human beings like anyone else and sometimes they say or do things that are not so heroic. Following are some examples where some heroes said something very un-heroic.Some of these will really surprise you. John Lennon, onContinue reading “When Heroes weren’t so Heroic”