Stan Laurel-18 June 1890-23 February 1965.

There are very few people who can make you laugh just by looking at their face, but such was the genius of Stan Laurel, his expressions were enough to get you in a burst of laughter. Of course there was much more to his comic genius than just his face. One of my all timeContinue reading “Stan Laurel-18 June 1890-23 February 1965.”

Oliver Hardy

When you think of a comedy duo the first pair that comes to mind is Laurel $ Hardy, they were and still are ,without a shadow of a doubt the most successful comedy double act of all time. However these 2 were not always a duo, they both had long established careers before they teamedContinue reading “Oliver Hardy”

Brats-Laurel and Hardy were so ahead of their time.

I know I have written about Laurel and Hardy before but now with the biopic of their lives in cinemas across the world, I was reminded how brilliant they were. Unlike their contemporaries like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy’s humor stayed fresh and still appeals to audiences nowadays. Perhaps this is becauseContinue reading “Brats-Laurel and Hardy were so ahead of their time.”

The special effects in Laurel & Hardy movies.

Ever since I was a kid I loved watching Laurel & Hardy movies and I believe I have them all in my collection. The humour in their films has remained fresh till today and they never dated. But it is only since recently I started to appreciate that some of their movies had very advancedContinue reading “The special effects in Laurel & Hardy movies.”