From Hell

There are many theories on who Jack the Ripper was but there is only one thing that can be said with certainty, he was a vile and evil creature.There is a special place in hell for people like him. Jack the ripper was well aware of this himself that’s probably why one of his lettersContinue reading “From Hell”

The forgotten Live Aid acts.

On July 13 1985, one of the biggest ever music concerts took place. Live Aid. The aim of the concerts was to raise  funds for relief of the ongoing Ethiopian famine. The concerts are often referred to as a dual-venue benefit concert, which is actually not true. Yes the main concerts took place in London andContinue reading “The forgotten Live Aid acts.”


I know what you are thinking “Yet another blog about Japanese suicide bombers” but you’d be wrong. This Japanese kamikaze did not attack anywhere in the pacific but it flew to London instead. The Ki-15 aircraft was originally designed to meet a 1935 Army Air Force requirement. The prototype first took flight in May 1936,Continue reading “Kamikaze”

The London beer flood October 1814

No this is not a Carlsberg ad.”Carlsberg don’t do floods but if they did” On Monday 17th October 1814, a terrible disaster claimed the lives of at least 8 people in St Giles, London. A bizarre industrial accident resulted in the release of a beer tsunami onto the streets around Tottenham Court Road. The HorseContinue reading “The London beer flood October 1814”

Great London Tornado of 1091

I am not dismissing climate change in fact I am convinced that there is a climate change. The one thing I am not convinced about is, is it really caused by man. We had several ice changes long before heavy industry and cars etc. We also had freak storms like the Great London Tornado of 1091Continue reading “Great London Tornado of 1091”

The bombing of Café de Paris -London

Café de Paris is a London nightclub, located in the West End, beside Leicester Square on Coventry Street, Piccadilly. It opened in 1924 and subsequently featured such performers as Dorothy Dandridge, Marlene Dietrich, Harry Gold, Harry Roy, Ken Snakehips Johnson and Maxine Cooper Gomberg.Louise Brooks made history when she worked there in December 1924, introducingContinue reading “The bombing of Café de Paris -London”

The second Great Fire of London

Today marks the 76th anniversary of the second Great Fire of London. On 29 December 1940 around 100,000 bombs fell in just a few hours, causing a firestorm across most of the City’s square mile up to Islington. 14 fire fighters were to lose their lives that night, with over 250 injured. The largest continuousContinue reading “The second Great Fire of London”