Karl Friedrich Stellbrink-Lübeck martyr.

Karl Friedrich Stellbrink was one of the 4 Lübeck Martyrs.I could have done a blog on all 4 but the reason why I chose Stelbrink is three fold. He was the only non Catholic clergy man of the 4. He was the first to be arrested. His wife was also victimized. All four men wereContinue reading “Karl Friedrich Stellbrink-Lübeck martyr.”

Martyrs of Gorkum(Gorinchem)

  This story might surprise many for the Netherlands is known as a tolerant and multi cultural society, this wasn’t always the case. The Martyrs of Gorkum (Dutch: Martelaren van Gorinchem) were a group of 19 Dutch Catholic clerics and friars who were hanged on 9 July 1572 in the town of Brielle (or Den Briel) by militant Dutch Calvinists during the 16th centuryContinue reading “Martyrs of Gorkum(Gorinchem)”