Remembering MH17

The world appears to have forgotten and the promises of justice have faded. But I pledged I will remember you until justice is found. I am honoring this pledge. 298 a number that we always will remember 298 lives that have been lost 298 of friends and family members. 298 souls eternally loved 298 ambitionsContinue reading “Remembering MH17”

Flight MH17-Never forget.

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the killing of 298 passengers of flight MH17. Four years on and still no one is brought to justice. The contrary is true, some of those responsible. and this includes those who are complacent and are vetoing part of the investigation, are being wined and dined and are evenContinue reading “Flight MH17-Never forget.”


On July 17th 2014 Flight MH17 was cowardly brought down near Torez in the Donetsk Oblast in Ukraine, approximately 25 miles from the Russian border. Thus far no one has claimed responsibility for this crime. One of the things I find really disturbing is the way some people are dismissing this as if it wasContinue reading “MH17”