My heart is broken


Dear Simone Frajermauer you were 3 when you were murdered in Auschwitz. It was August 3 1944.

It was 24 years before I was born. I never met you but yet you broke my heart.

Now on this day June 18,2018 your eyes stared into mine and they have a question for me?

They ask me”Have I been forgotten?”

No my sweet dear angel you have not been forgotten, I won’t let it.

My heart is broken, but it is a small price to pay for innocence to be remembered.

People ask me why do I write about children like you?

I don’t know why, I just have to.

My heart is broken, but it will mend again and there is a special place reserved for you.


All I want to do is play with my Toys.


I don’t want to be a burden to anyone, just put me in a sandpit and i’ll be happy.

I am not a danger to anyone, how could I be I am only 3

All I want to do is to play with my toys, just like any other boy my age.

I don’t think of complicated things. My only worry is if I will like the vegetables with my dinner.

At 3 what do you expect me to be?

I am a child, with child thought,child worries and child joys. No danger am I.

When you play with me, I laugh. When you hurt me a cry.

But that is not enough for you, you want me to die.

I am only 3, a ‘danger’ to society.

At 3 I am a victim of a vile regime.

Pavel Bock was only 3 when he was  murdered at Auschwitz on December 15,1943



What did you see when you shot me?


What did you see when shot me?

Did you see a threat to your life?

Did you see a Monster?

Did you see someone who insulted your mother or wife?

Did you see a sadistic murderer?

Did you feel like a hero when you pulled that trigger?

Did you feel good when you saw my blood?

Or did you know that you are nothing more then a pathetic coward?

What did you see when shot me?

Larochka Ratmanski was only 4 when she was brutally killed during the Babi yar massacre

Age 9, I have my whole life yet to live.



I dream of becoming a football star, thousands cheering my name when I score a goal.

I dream of becoming a pilot,fly away free as a bird. Not knowing where I will land.

I dream of becoming an architect. millions of people admiring all the buildings I have designed.

Age 9, I have my whole life yet to live.

In my dreams I am a knight or a cowboy, on a horse riding off in the sunset with the dust whirling up behind me.

In my dreams I am whatever I want to be, no one can stop me of being anything.

Age 9, I have my whole life yet to live.

But no more

Age 9, I have my whole life yet to live. Born in Versaille

Age 9, I am Adolphe Benhamou

Age 9, I have been killed in Auschwitz


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I am one in a million


I am one in a million, my Father says.

I am unique in every way, my Mother says.

I am their bundle of joy my parents say.

I am a threat to the nation, the Nazis say.

I am costing the country a lot of money, the government says.

I should not have been born,  Doctors from T 4  say.

I am Werner Gross, I can’t walk by myself and I can’t hear or talk properly.

I am not wanted by the state.

I am only 4

I am not one in a million, in fact I am one of 2 about million children killed.


I Color the sky

himmel fab

I Color the sky, that is what my name says Himmelfarb,Sky Color

But I can’t really color anything

I am only 2 I am from Paris

Paris, the city of love, But not for me. I was taken from there.

I am only 2 and I don’t know how any one could hate me.

In my prettiest dress and a beautiful flower I look like an Angel.

That doesn’t matter though because to some I am a nobody.

I am only 2, a whole life still to pursue

Not me though, 2 is what I’ll always be.

I am only 2,my name Camille Himmelfarb Sarnacka, murdered in Auschwitz in 1942.



The 7 year old enemy of the state


A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

Not like a spy or soldier

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

Not like a politician or a criminal

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

Not like someone evil or bad

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

I am an enemy of the state but I am not alone.

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

I am a little girl, I am Annette Kohn.

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

But how can I be, my biggest crime is eat too many sweets

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

But how can I be, because my dinner I always eat.

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

But no longer, for I was killed in August 1944 in Auschwitz.






The murder of the Goebbels children


Regardless what you think of their parents, when you analyse it the Goebbels children were victims of the same warped ideology and regime as so many other children. The only difference they may have died in less painful circumstances, at least 5 of them.

So enthralled were Joseph  and Magda Goebbels with Hitler that they gave all 6 of their children names starting with H to honor their beloved leader.

Helga Susanne.Hildegard Traudel,Helmut Christian,Holdine Kathrin,Hedwig Johanna and Heidrun Elisabeth.

Obersalzberg, Besuch Familie Goebbels bei Hitler

There also was a half brother called Harald, born in November 1921. from a previous marriage between Magda Goebbels nee Behrend Rietschel and German business man Günther Quandt,founder of several companies including BMW. Harald,He served as a lieutenant in the Luftwaffe during World War II.   he survived the war and together with his half brother Herbert Quandt, ran their father’s businesses including the aforementioned BMW after the war. The picture below is a photograph of the whole Goebbels family including the half brother Harald.Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-1978-086-03,_Joseph_Goebbels_mit_Familie

Like any child anywhere in the world a child is formed and conditioned by the environment it grows up in, as was the case with the Goebbels children. And on the surface they were loved by their parents, and  maybe even a bit deeper then the surface but not much. For any normal thinking and loving parent will do anything to safeguards their child’s life.

In the case of the Goebbels parents their love for Hitler was bigger then the love for their children. On May 1st 1945 ,a day after Hitler committed suicide, Joseph and Magda Goebbels decided to follow suit and also kill the children. Some people say they did this because of fear what the soviet army might do to the children, they imagined it a fate worse then death, Joseph Goebbels was of course well aware what this might entail, for he was one of the leaders of the regime who slaughtered millions of children in the most horrendous conditions , and he  had lost not one night sleep over it.

But I believe they killed their own kids so that could die pure Aryan, for there had been plenty of opportunities to smuggle their kids to the west of Germany where the US and UK troops had occupied the country. Many of those who had been in the bunker did just do that and could have easily taken the kids with them, if they had been asked.

Adolf Hitler [Misc.]

Joseph and Magda wrote goodbye letters to Harald, explaining their decision, calling death the “the only possible and honorable conclusion.” Magda, convinced she was sparing her children from a life of humiliation, finalized the plan to end their lives.

It isn’t entirely clear as to who helped the Goebbels poison their children. The plan was to sedate them, but it is not certain who actually administered the drugs that put the children to sleep. The most likely candidate was Helmut Kunz,Helmut Kunz a dentist who served as one of the Nazi’s chief medical officers. Supposedly, Magda had asked him to help her kill the children, but he refused to do it, saying he was “incapable” of such an act. She then told him that it was an order from Hitler, and he agreed to do it.

Kunz did give the children morphine, but it’s unclear who gave them the cyanide. Magda was unable to do it and was said to have called Dr. Ludwig Stumpfegger, one of the SS’s doctors, to administer the “candy” to the children.

He gave the children cyanide in some form of chocolate.

Rochus Misch, the bunker telephone/radio operator, stated that Werner Naumann told him that he had seen Hitler’s personal physician, Dr Stumpfegger, give the children something “sweetened” to drink.[Another account says that the children were told they would be leaving for Berchtesgaden in the morning, and Stumpfegger was said to have provided Magda with morphine to sedate them. Erna Flegel claims that Magda reassured the children about the morphine by telling them that they needed inoculations because they would be staying in the bunker for a long time.

On the same night that their children were killed, Magda and Joseph Goebbels went into the study in the Führerbunker. According to legend, the couple stood near where Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun had died and been burned as they bit into cyanide and shot themselves, perhaps at the same time. Another theory is that Günther Schwägemann, Günther SchwägemannNazi officer and object of their daughter Hedwig’s affection-Hedwig insisted, in 1944, that when she grew up she was going to marry Günther Schwägermann, having been captivated by the fact he had a fake eye.  -shot them. The bodies of Magda and Joseph Goebbels were set on fire.

On 3 May 1945, the day after Soviet troops led by Lt. Col. Ivan Klimenko had discovered the burned bodies of their parents in the courtyard above, they found the children down in the Vorbunker dressed in their nightclothes, with ribbons tied in the girls’ hair after they died.

Goebbels family

Based on autopsy findings, there was some trouble when it came to giving Helga the poison. She either woke up from her slumber and resisted taking it or the dosage was insufficient to kill her. When Russian doctors autopsied Helga’s body, they found bruises, indicating that there had been a struggle. Her jaw may have been broken as well.Helga

Helga was killed age 12,Hildegard was killed age 11.Helmut was age 9 when he was killed.Holdine was eight years old at the time of her death.Hedwig was six years old, four days shy of her seventh birthday, at the time of her death. And Heidrun was only 4 when she was killed.


I know some people will say”They deserved what was coming to them” and to an extend I can understand that sentiment, but these kids were not responsible for the actions of their parents, in fact they were a victim of the warped ideology their parents had subscribed to.


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I am just a boy


I am just a boy who wants to play outside

I am just a boy who sometimes is a little excited

I am just a boy who likes playing with toys

I am just a boy , I mean no harm.

I am just a boy with a mamma and a papa.

I am just a boy, but some people think not.

I am just a boy, and some people hate me and for what?

I am just a boy and a boy is what I’ll always be.

I am just a boy, I am Samuel Jezierski age 5

I am just a boy who will never be 6

I am just a boy murdered in Auschwitz on March 27 1944.



They did not like my smile

Peter Ginz

They did not like my smile, at least I don’t think they did, for why else do they hate me so much?

They did not like my smile, but I can’t help it, I’m a child and I am supposed to be happy and cheerful.

They didn’t like my kind, but I don’t understand I am not different then them.

They didn’t like me being kind. I am a teenager, it was what I do. My parents thought me to be kind and respect others.

They did not like my smile. Why am I so offensive to them?

They did not like my smile. Why?

They didn’t like me to be alive.

They killed me, I am Peter Ginz  I was born in 1928 in Prague , Czechoslovakia and was murdered  in Terezin in 1943.