I am an idiot


I am Gerhard Kretschmar, I am an idiot.

I am Gerhard Kretschmar, there are no pictures of me

I am Gerhard Kretschmar, I am a 5 month old idiot.

I am Gerhard Kretschmar, my Father wanted me to be put asleep

But the Doctor refused.

I am Gerhard Kretschmar, my Father then asked Hitler if he would kill me.

Hitler said no problem.

I am Gerhard Kretschmar, I was born blind and one leg and one arm.

I am Gerhard Kretschmar,, I am an idiot, at least that is what the Nazis called me.

I am Gerhard Kretschmar, the first T4 Victim




Age 10


I am age 10, I should be at school learning and having fun with my fellow students.

I am age 10, my only worry should be “will I have enough to time to go out and play after my homework”

I am age 10, my greatest ambition in life at this stage is to become 11.

I am age 10, a child.

I am age 10, a  French girl.

I am age 10, from Strassboug

I am age 10,Jewish.

I am age 10, a victim

I am age 10,sent to Auschwitz

I am age 10, murdered.

I am age 10, my name Lyse Charen.


I am just a boy on a rocking horse


I am just a boy on a rocking horse, not a man but a boy aged three.

I am just a boy on a rocking horse, quite happy as you can see.

I am just a boy on a rocking horse, I feel like a cowboy or a knight.

I am just a boy on a rocking horse, each time I mount my horse my eyes shine bright.

I am just a boy on a rocking horse. I mean no one any harm.

I am just a boy on a rocking horse, when I am older I want my horse  to live on a farm.

I am just a boy on a rocking horse, love is all I can give.

I am just a boy on a rocking horse, but some people don’t want me to live.

I am just a boy on a rocking horse, I am sent away to die.

I am just a boy on a rocking horse, I have to say farewell and goodbye.

I am just a boy on a rocking horse

I was just a boy on a rocking horse.

I was murdered in a ghetto in Mogilev.

I am Arthur Gottesman aged 3

I am just a boy on a rocking horse,  I ride my horse no more.



Yad Vashem



I don’t want to die because I have hardly lived


This is going to be a short blog for it is impossible for me to do an in depth story without turning into an emotional wreck.

Eva Heyman was a 13 year old Hungarian Jewish girl. I have a daughter the same age, with the same beautiful smile.

Eva had one simple wish ,which she recorded in her diary.

“Yet, my little Diary, I don’t want to die, I still want to live .. I would wait for the end of the war in a cellar, or in the attic, or any hole, I would, my little Diary….”

“I don’t want to die because I have hardly lived”

She wrote this on May 30th 1944.less then 5 months later she was dead, She died on October 17 1944. A certain Dr Mengele made sure of that.

Eva’s mother, Agnes Zsolt was rescued by allied troops when they liberated Bergen Belsen. Agnes reported the following about Eva’s death.

“A good-hearted female doctor was trying to hide my child, but Mengele found her without effort. Eva’s feet were full of sore wounds. ‘Now look at you’, Mengele shouted, ‘you frog, your feet are foul, reeking with pus! Up with you on the truck!’ He transported his human material to the crematorium on yellow-coloured trucks. Eyewitnesses told me that he himself had pushed her on to the truck.”



When I


When I see a dog I want to play with it

When I see a flower I want to pick it

When I see a crayon I want to draw a picture

When I cross the road I hold my Mother’s hand

When I have a bad dream I call my Father

When I smile, you smile.

When I see a strawberry I want to eat it.

When I am tired I want to sleep

When I am awake I want to play.

When I am 4 I want to go to school

But some people, when they see me, they hate.

When they see me they are disgusted

When they see me they want me dead

In fact that is what they did, they killed me.

I, a three year old was a threat to them.

I died a horrible death in the gas chambers of Treblinka

I am Max Rosenblatt. aged 3.

Do you sleep at night?


Do you sleep at night, knowing what you did to me?

Does your conscience bother you?

Do you have a soul? And if you do how could you do what you did?

Do you have children of your own? Or do you have nieces or nephews?

Would you kill them?

We both know you wouldn’t because they are innocent.

Well so was I , but yet that didn’t stop you.

Were you just carrying out orders?

Or did you enjoy taking my life?

I am Janine Onijas and was killed on August 19,1942 aged 8. Murdered in Auschwitz.

Do you sleep at night?

I wish I could put myself in your shoes! But I can’t.


I wish I could myself in your shoes and understand what you went through, but I can’t.

I could never understand the pain you suffered or the hate you encountered.Nor could I imagine the anxiety you must have had.

I wish I could myself in your shoes or see the world through your eyes, ut I can’t.

I am not able to comprehend the evil that you have seen. Nor can I fathom the desperation you must have felt.

I wish I could put myself in your shoes and feel what you felt, but I can’t.

I a, mot a child like you were, I am an adult I don’t experience life like you did. Nor was my innocence ever betrayed.

I wish I could put myself in your shoes for our family names are nearly the same, only 2 letters of a difference.

You were Wolf Klein aged 6 when you were murdered by an evil ideology in Auschwitz-Birkenau.


A Child is born with no state of mind


The title is actually from a Hip Hop song but it is so true. A child is a blank canvas and is open to all experiences. He or she will listen to adults and will trust them blindly because they are innocent and don’t know better then to trust.

When their parents are taken away or killed they will turn quickly to other adults put in charge. During the Holocaust these other ‘adults’ were often indoctrinated by evil and would see the children,mainly Jewish but also others, as  parasitic vermin who needed to be destroyed.

And the children would often just follow their ‘guardians’ just to  be killed by them, for a child is born with no state of mind.

He or she knows no hate but yet experiences it. He or she trusts unconditionally but that trust is betrayed.

Children were killed when they arrived in killing centers; others  were killed immediately after birth or in institutions.The older children were sometimes worked to death or they died of starvation.

Every death during the Holocaust is terrible but the death of children is particularly sickening. Innocent and defenseless were they led to the slaughter.

And for those who survived they had to live with the horrors they had witnessed for the rest of their lives, and even with that so many were able to live without being bitter, where many of my generation complain about trivial things.



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Why do you hate me? We have never met before.

How can you look at me and feel a justification to kill me?

Why do you follow orders of someone who doesn’t care about you?

How can you still consider yourself a human being.

Why do you hate me? We have never met before

How is it you are able to kill me without regrets and go home to your own son age 4 like me, without feeling physically sick?

Why, oh why me?

I am Louis Abraham Belifante born August 30 ,1940 in Katwijk,  Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

Killed  25 Oct 1944 in Auschwitz

My heart is broken


Dear Simone Frajermauer you were 3 when you were murdered in Auschwitz. It was August 3 1944.

It was 24 years before I was born. I never met you but yet you broke my heart.

Now on this day June 18,2018 your eyes stared into mine and they have a question for me?

They ask me”Have I been forgotten?”

No my sweet dear angel you have not been forgotten, I won’t let it.

My heart is broken, but it is a small price to pay for innocence to be remembered.

People ask me why do I write about children like you?

I don’t know why, I just have to.

My heart is broken, but it will mend again and there is a special place reserved for you.