Nazi plunder and thievery

Besides the murders and genocide committed by the Nazi’s ,they didn’t shy away from stealing and plundering either. The plundering and stealing refers to art theft and other items stolen as a result of the organized looting of European countries during the time of the Third Reich by agents acting on behalf of the rulingContinue reading “Nazi plunder and thievery”


Today marks the 76th anniversary of one of the most appalling days of modern history. 76 years ago the first prisoners arrive at a new concentration camp called Auschwitz. So much has already been written about Auschwitz therefore rather then writing something which won’t add any value I will post some pictures for a pictureContinue reading “AUSCHWITZ”

Operation Bernhard

This story had all the makings of a great spy movie and no wonder that in 2007 ,film director Stefan Ruzowitzky made the movie “The Counterfeiters” which won the Oscar for best movie in a foreign Language. Operation Bernhard was the name of a secret German plan devised during World War II to destabilise the British economy byContinue reading “Operation Bernhard”