The lonely journey of Otto Frank on the Monowai steamship.

I am a father of 3 children and every time they leave the house a million scenarios go through my head of things that could happen to them, but I am not unique in this for it  is what fathers and mothers do, they worry for their kids. Otto Frank was a father and aContinue reading “The lonely journey of Otto Frank on the Monowai steamship.”

The Battle of Manners street

Not every battle during WWII took place on a battlefield or at sea, some battles took place between allies in the most unlikely battlefronts like night clubs. The Battle of Manners Street was one of those battles,  it was a riot involving American servicemen and New Zealand servicemen and civilians outside the Allied Services ClubContinue reading “The Battle of Manners street”

Squadron Leader Phil Lamason & the KLB Club

I could have gone with any of 168 stories of the members of this club, but I decided to go with the highest ranking officer. The KLB Club (initials for Konzentrationslager Buchenwald) was formed on 12 October 1944, and included the 168 allied airmen who were held prisoner at Buchenwald concentration camp between 20 August and 19 October 1944.166 airmen survived Buchenwald, while twoContinue reading “Squadron Leader Phil Lamason & the KLB Club”