Reporting the Holocaust.

It is often said that no one knew what happened in the concentration camps. But in fact people just didn’t want to know or could fathom the horrors and therefore decided to stick their heads in the sand. I am not referring to the Germans on this occasion but to the people in the USA,UKContinue reading “Reporting the Holocaust.”

The first broadsheet newspaper

On this day 400 years ago the first Dutch newspaper was published. Courante uyt Italien, Duytslandt, &c. was the first Dutch newspaper and published weekly. The paper does not reveal the name of the printer or the publisher, but based on similar papers published later, it is thought that Joris Veseler was the printer andContinue reading “The first broadsheet newspaper”

WWII Newspaper coverage

Good news coverage is always very important to keep yourself informed, but in times of war this importance is amplified manyfold. I still clearly remember when the  Gulf war-Operation Desert storm  broke out, it was probably one of the first times there was instant live news coverage of a war, and it was mesmerizing, TheContinue reading “WWII Newspaper coverage”

Just some old news

I find it always intriguing to look back at old news papers and especially old headlines. They often transport you back to days of yore. Following are just some random old news papers pages. Midnight Globe, August 1978 (Priscilla Presley and John Travolta) Sid Vicious was to appear in court this afternoon accused of stabbingContinue reading “Just some old news”