Getting married in Nazi Germany

The Nazi regime controlled every aspects of life in Germany, even who you married. In 1935 the Reich Committee for Public Health Service issued the guidelines for getting married. It was published as ‘die zehn Gebote für die Gattenwahl’ the 10 commandments for choosing a spouse. Always remember that you are a German. 2. BeContinue reading “Getting married in Nazi Germany”

May 10,1933- Book burning.

A scary thought crossed my mind this week. What some Social Media outlets are doing nowadays, is basically the digital version of book burning. Regardless how valuable a post might be, or even how inoffensive it is when the moderators don’t like it , it will get banned,or digitally burned so to speak. On MayContinue reading “May 10,1933- Book burning.”

Twelve Theses-When students encouraged the destruction of History.

One of the most effective weapons to fight antisemitism and racism is critical thinking. What scares me though, is that there seems to be less and less people who have this ability. Or maybe it is just a case that those who think critically are silenced. This blog will be about a historical event ,Continue reading “Twelve Theses-When students encouraged the destruction of History.”

Hitler’s Irish sister in law.

Bridget Dowling born on July 3, 1891 in Dublin. She grew up at Flemings Place, near Mespil Road.  She was still in her teens when she met Adolf Hitler’s half brother Alois Hitler, Jr. at the Dublin Horse Show in the RDS in 1909. Alois had pretended to be a wealthy hotelier who was touringContinue reading “Hitler’s Irish sister in law.”

Seducing the nation

It is easy to blame the German civilians for being complacent during World War II and especially the Holocaust, and to an extend this blame is understandable. But I have my doubts if this complacency  would be different in any other country. After World War I Germany was engulfed in internal conflicts and even anContinue reading “Seducing the nation”

The Vegetarian Migrant Dictator

The title of this blog could be from any fictitious novel. A children’s book or even a fairy tale, but it actually describes a bizarre reality which caused so much destruction. The story of Hitler’s naturalization process resembles something of a farce. On April 7 1925 he had given up his Austrian citizenship, it wasContinue reading “The Vegetarian Migrant Dictator”

Funding Evil

For the NSDAP to become as powerful as it did, it had to receive financial backing, They could not only rely on donations of party members, because in the early 1930s many of them were not that wealthy, one of the reasons they had joined the party was to get themselves in a financial betterContinue reading “Funding Evil”

Hermine Santruschitz aka Miep Gies

The name Hermine Santruschitz will mean very little to most, however the name Miep Gies is a well known name, a name which would forever be linked to a teenage diarist called Anne Frank. Miep Gies born  Hermine Santruschitz would have celebrated her 110th birthday today, she did not get that old but she stillContinue reading “Hermine Santruschitz aka Miep Gies”

Eva Braun as Al Jolson

Eva Braun is a bit of enigma. I do think that she was fully aware of what Hitler and his cronies were up to. She did first meet Hitler when she was still a teenager and would have been in awe of the man, but she did become his partner and later his wife, albeitContinue reading “Eva Braun as Al Jolson”

The Nobel price and the Third Reich.

Adolf Hitler often displayed toddler like behaviour. If he didn’t get his way or if someone did something he didn’t like, he would throw a tantrum. In 1935 the Nobel peace prize was awarded to Carl von Ossietzky(pictured above). He was a German pacifist He was awarded the prize for something which happened before HitlerContinue reading “The Nobel price and the Third Reich.”