Werner Lott -U Boat commander.

Captain(Korvettenkapitän)Werner Lott was commander of U-35 from 15 August 1937 until 29 November 1939.He sank 4 ships and damaged one. You often hear about war crimes committed by the German armed forces, but there were also acts of decency. Around 15.40  on 3 Oct, 1939, the Greek freighter Diamantis, although the ship was neutral itContinue reading “Werner Lott -U Boat commander.”

The Utah POW camp incident.

During World War II, Utah was home to approximately 15,000 Italian and German prisoners of war that were distributed across a number of  camps. Camp Salina was a small, temporary branch camp to accommodate overflow prisoners in Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City. From 1944 to 1945 it was home to about 250 Germans, mostContinue reading “The Utah POW camp incident.”

The ‘Captain’-the evil of Willi Herold

Last week a lady  asked me how was it possible that people committed so may awful atrocities during WWII, did their conscience not bother them. She also thought it must have taken years for people to be indoctrinated in evil thinking. I told her that it actually takes a very short time for the humanContinue reading “The ‘Captain’-the evil of Willi Herold”

The 1940 Summer Olympic games, the games that never happened! Or did they?

I have mentioned this before in other blogs that the IOC(International Olympic Committee) has very little to do with sports but more with politics. But I have to admit they made the right decision on the 1940 Summer Olympics, although they didn’t really have much choice in the matter. The 1940 Summer Olympics, officially knownContinue reading “The 1940 Summer Olympic games, the games that never happened! Or did they?”

The sinking of MS Sinfra-Survivors Executed

Sinfra was a cargo ship built in 1929 as Fernglen by Akers Mekaniske Verksted in Oslo, Norway, for a Norwegian shipping company. The ship was sold to Swedish owners in 1934 and to a French company in 1939, on the last occasion having her name changed to Sinfra. Sinfra was confiscated by German authorities in 1942, and used by them in the Mediterranean. On 19 October 1943, Sinfra was bombedContinue reading “The sinking of MS Sinfra-Survivors Executed”

Squadron Leader Phil Lamason & the KLB Club

I could have gone with any of 168 stories of the members of this club, but I decided to go with the highest ranking officer. The KLB Club (initials for Konzentrationslager Buchenwald) was formed on 12 October 1944, and included the 168 allied airmen who were held prisoner at Buchenwald concentration camp between 20 August and 19 October 1944.166 airmen survived Buchenwald, while twoContinue reading “Squadron Leader Phil Lamason & the KLB Club”

Cowra breakout

  The Cowra breakout occurred on 5 August 1944, when at least 1,104 Japanese prisoners of war attempted to escape from a prisoner of war camp near Cowra, in New South Wales, Australia. It was the largest prison escape of World War II, as well as one of the bloodiest. During the ensuing manhunt, 4Continue reading “Cowra breakout”