Evil recorded.

Secret recordings made by British intelligence during World War II War have laid bare  the horrific atrocities carried out by everyday German soldiers.Not members of the SS, ‘regular’Wehrmacht soldiers. Following is the transcript of one of those recordings, The only name related to the recording is Reimbold, his position I don’t know but that isContinue reading “Evil recorded.”

Michael Kitzelmann, his conscience got the better of him.

It would be absurd to say that every German soldier was bad. There were some who saw what was happening and protested against it and paid the ultimate price for it. Michael Kitzelmann had been a loyal soldier of the Wehrmacht. He was company commander at the age of  24,  and was awarded the IronContinue reading “Michael Kitzelmann, his conscience got the better of him.”

Nikolai Vavilov and the forgotten tragedy of the Siege of Leningrad.

What would you to do save something your passionate about but is not necessarily essential to your own existence.Would you sacrifice your life? 9 scientists of the Leningrad seed bank did. After the Civil War had ended, Russia experienced a terrible famine between 1921 and 1922. Devastated by drought, the country produced a wheat-harvest halfContinue reading “Nikolai Vavilov and the forgotten tragedy of the Siege of Leningrad.”

Die hard Rasputin

As the song goes”Rasputin lover of the Russian Queen” . It was never proven he was the lover of Alexandra,Czarina and wife of  Nicholas II Czar of Russia. However what was proven is that Rasputin was very hard to kill,nearly impossible evn. Sometime over the course of the night and the early morning of December 29-30,Continue reading “Die hard Rasputin”

Matvey Kuzmin-Forgotten WWII Hero

Not everyone that made a difference were young and armed, sometimes it was the ordinary folks who contributed greatly to the war efforts and they did it unarmed, as was the case with Matvey Kuzmin, an 83 year old Russian farmer. Matvey Kuzmich Kuzmin (3 August 1858–14 February 1942) was a Russian peasant who wasContinue reading “Matvey Kuzmin-Forgotten WWII Hero”