Hitler’s hate for smoking but not so much for its revenue.

Something that always fascinated(for lack of a better word) me about Hitler is the double standards he applied. As the leader of his country he always portrayed himself as some one with principles, but yet he so easily broke those principles time and time again. Hitler hated smoking, he had been a smoker himself butContinue reading “Hitler’s hate for smoking but not so much for its revenue.”

Smoke gets in your eyes

I never smoked, really only because I did not see the fascination of spending an enormous amount of money to see something go up in smoke. However most of my family were or still are smokers and I do feel sorry for smokers. I do think they get a bad press. Yes, smoking is badContinue reading “Smoke gets in your eyes”

When smoking was still ‘good’ for you.

Yes this will be a blog, no this will not be one of those preachy ones. I am not a smoker in fact I never had a cigarette, so I will not tell people what to do. Although It is a well known fact at this stage smoking is bad for you, but so areContinue reading “When smoking was still ‘good’ for you.”