The Dutch SS training camp-Built with the blood of slaves.

Although there were many Dutch who with disregard of their own safety and lives were willing to help their Jewish fellow men and women, however there were  also those who ceased the opportunity to fulfill their own evil ambitions and joined the SS. I know there will be some who say that some of theseContinue reading “The Dutch SS training camp-Built with the blood of slaves.”

16 bodies in Lake Maggiore

The lakes of Italy are known for its beauty. Although I have been to Italy several times it was usually the Lake Garda area I would visit, every time I was awestruck by its beautiful surroundings. I did see Lake Maggiore once in passing and it also looked majestic. However this majestic beautiful place wasContinue reading “16 bodies in Lake Maggiore”

September 11,1940-The Foundation of the Dutch SS.

I am immensely proud of the country I was born in and where I grew up, but like nearly every other nation on earth there are some black paged in its history. One of the darkest days for the Dutch history wasSeptember 11,1940. This is the day when the ‘Nederlandsche SS, was founded. Only 4 monthsContinue reading “September 11,1940-The Foundation of the Dutch SS.”

Fighting for the enemy

Before you read this blog, have a close look at the above picture. It is a picture of an SS soldier, and you have probably seen many pictures like it, but there is something special about this one.On the sleeve on the left arm, at the left bottom, you can see part of a flag,Continue reading “Fighting for the enemy”

De Nederlandsche SS- The Dutch SS

Although the majority of the Dutch citizens hated the German occupiers, there were many who saw an opportunity in the situation they found themselves in. This is the story of approximately 7000 cowards who found it more favorable to pledge allegiance to an evil regime than to the country they were born in raised in,Continue reading “De Nederlandsche SS- The Dutch SS”