The curious suicide of Hajime Sugiyama

Now I am not a person who subscribes to conspiracy theories , but the suicide of Hajime Sugiyama appears to be a bit odd to me. There were many Japanese officers who committed suicide at the end of WWII, but most would do this in the traditional way of of the ritual suicide of Seppuku,Continue reading “The curious suicide of Hajime Sugiyama”

Jeremy spoke in class today.

The title of this blog is a line from the Pearl Jam song “Jeremy” it is one of my favourite Rock tracks and by far the best track of the album “Ten”. Although I have listened to the song hundreds of times I never really paid to much attention to the history of the song.Continue reading “Jeremy spoke in class today.”

A failure as a father

If you would not know the man in the picture you would think that it was a loving family man, doting on his daughter. However since we know the man is Joseph Goebbels, the dynamic of this picture changes. Goebbels did portray himself as a good family man and a loving father, but clearly heContinue reading “A failure as a father”

The murder of the Goebbels children

Regardless what you think of their parents, when you analyse it the Goebbels children were victims of the same warped ideology and regime as so many other children. The only difference they may have died in less painful circumstances, at least 5 of them. So enthralled were Joseph  and Magda Goebbels with Hitler that theyContinue reading “The murder of the Goebbels children”

The desperate act of Ernst Kurt Lisso,Deputy Mayor of Leipzig.

As the Red Army and the Western Allies pressed closer and closer to Berlin suicides grew. Thousands of Germans committed suicide in the spring of 1945, rather than face occupation and the expected abuse by their victors. 3,881 people were recorded as committing suicide during April in the Battle of Berlin, although the figure isContinue reading “The desperate act of Ernst Kurt Lisso,Deputy Mayor of Leipzig.”

The tragic death of Szmul Zygielbojm-The man who exposed the Holocaust to the allies.

My heart was broken when I heard about this Hero. If the allies just would have listened to him and taken him serious so many lives including his own could have been saved. What make this even more tragic and poignant that he did not die by direct Nazi violence but by his own handContinue reading “The tragic death of Szmul Zygielbojm-The man who exposed the Holocaust to the allies.”

Heinrich Himmler’s suicide-at the end he was nothing but a coward

  In 1945 disillusioned Himmler believed victory had slipped from Germany’s grasp and secretly attempted to start peace negotiations with Eisenhower in a bid to escape a war crimes trial. But Eisenhower refused to have anything to do with Himmler. A furious Hitler declared Himmler a traitor, stripped him of his powers and expelled himContinue reading “Heinrich Himmler’s suicide-at the end he was nothing but a coward”

Germanwings Flight 9525-Andreas Lubitz’s homicidal suicide flight.

It’s hard to believe this happened  today 2 years ago. I know the title is slightly contradictory but I think it’s the most appropriate way to describe the tragedy. On March 24 2015 Germanwings flight 9525 took off from Barcelona airport headed for Dusseldorf in Germany. But the Airbus A320 never made it to its finalContinue reading “Germanwings Flight 9525-Andreas Lubitz’s homicidal suicide flight.”

Joachim Gottschalk’s suicide.

Gottschalk, the son of a physician, was born in the small town of Calau, in the Prussian province of Brandenburg, on April 10 1904. He attended the Gymnasium high school in Cottbus and from 1924 worked for four years on seagoing vessels. He later began an theatrical education in Cottbus and Berlin. During an engagementContinue reading “Joachim Gottschalk’s suicide.”

Leonidas Squadron-Germany’s Suicide Squadron.

The Leonidas Squadron, formally known as 5th Staffel of Kampfgeschwader 200 was a unit which was originally formed to fly the Fieseler Fi 103R (Reichenberg), a manned version of the V-1 flying bomb, in attacks in which the pilot was likely to be killed, or at best to parachute down at the attack site. TheContinue reading “Leonidas Squadron-Germany’s Suicide Squadron.”