Remembering MH17

The world appears to have forgotten and the promises of justice have faded. But I pledged I will remember you until justice is found. I am honoring this pledge. 298 a number that we always will remember 298 lives that have been lost 298 of friends and family members. 298 souls eternally loved 298 ambitionsContinue reading “Remembering MH17”

9/11 : 2996 minus 19

9/11 they used to be just 2 numbers until that fateful day in 2001. Ever since then it has become ingrained in the human psyche as one of the days the world changed. Even now ,19 years later it is hard to fathom the events of that day. Even when it happened it was hardContinue reading “9/11 : 2996 minus 19”

Munich Oktoberfest bombing 1980

I don’t want to make this a political blog but I can’t avoid some politics without telling the factual story. Last weekend’s elections in Germany did see a rise of popularity of far right politics(and no matter what the leaders of AFD say, that is what they are). Despite the fact the German economy isContinue reading “Munich Oktoberfest bombing 1980”

Pan Am Flight 103-Lockerbie

Today marks the 31st anniversary of the Pan Am Flight 103,Lockerbie bombing I am not going in to great detail into the story because so much has already been written about the terror attack. I will highlight some of the passengers stories. A total of 270 people, including young children and students, died in theContinue reading “Pan Am Flight 103-Lockerbie”

Terror Attacks

Europe was hit by yet an awful terror attack and my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. It is only going to be a matter of time before the loony left,neo liberals  and the far right will be spouting their theories on who and what is to blame.On the oneContinue reading “Terror Attacks”

Wall Street bombing

Many people think that terrorism is a relatively new phenomenon which really only started in the late 1960’s But nothing could be further from the truth. Scholars dispute whether the roots of terrorism date back to the 1st century and the Sicarii Zealots, to the 11th century and the Al-Hashshashin, to the 19th century and theContinue reading “Wall Street bombing”


On July 17th 2014 Flight MH17 was cowardly brought down near Torez in the Donetsk Oblast in Ukraine, approximately 25 miles from the Russian border. Thus far no one has claimed responsibility for this crime. One of the things I find really disturbing is the way some people are dismissing this as if it wasContinue reading “MH17”