The Dirty Mac

What if John Lennon,Keith Richards and Eric Clapton formed a band together, surely they must have been the most famous band ever. wouldn’t they? Well yes they did form a band, together with Mitch Mitchell from the Jimin Hendix experience, And no they didn’t become the most famous band ever, in fact hardly anyone knowsContinue reading “The Dirty Mac”

The significance of August 16 in Music.

August 16 is a date like any other date, except when it comes to music. Several events on this date have had a massive impact on the music industry. In fact in musical terms it just doesn’t get bigger than this . August 16-1915 The birth of Al Hibbler Nowadays the name Al Hibbler willContinue reading “The significance of August 16 in Music.”

I heard the news today, old boy-The story behind Beatles’ “a Day in the life”

“I heard the news today, old boy”. That must be the best start to any song. The song ‘a day in the life’ by the Beatles is not just a random set of words strung together, it actually has a back story which in a way links to another band, the Chieftains. According to Lennon,Continue reading “I heard the news today, old boy-The story behind Beatles’ “a Day in the life””

Drugs mule Paul McCartney

I have to admit the title might be a bit harsh but I hope it got your attention. Paul McCartney’s arrival at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport on January 16, 1980, marked his first visit to Japan since the Beatles tour of 1966. The occasion was a planned 11-city concert tour by his band Wings. Instead,Continue reading “Drugs mule Paul McCartney”

“I could be somebody”-The killing of John Lennon.

It is hard to believe that it has already been 39 years since John Lennon was killed. Mark David Chapman(pictured above with John Lennon , a few hours before he killed him)  shot Lennon dead on December 9, 1980 – in the door of his home in the Dakota building, overlooking Central Park in NewContinue reading ““I could be somebody”-The killing of John Lennon.”

The Death of Paul McCartney

It is widely assumed that the first Beatle to die was John Lennon who was killed on the 8th of December by Mark David Chapman. You’d all be wrong believing this for it was Paul McCartney who died in a car crash in 1966, below you will find all the compelling evidence. Well I hadContinue reading “The Death of Paul McCartney”