Nazi War criminals in Ireland

Before I start I have to say I love Ireland and I love living here, but like most nations in the world Ireland too has some black pages in its history. Although Ireland was supposed to be neutral, at times it took that neutrality too far, Sending condolences to Germany after Hitler died was aContinue reading “Nazi War criminals in Ireland”

Laszlo Csatary- Sometimes it looks like the evil seem to live forever.

I am always surprised how so many evil men live to an old age. The crimes they committed don’t seem to affect them in the slightest. But yet so many fled after the war, indicating they knew they had done wrong. For innocent people don’t run away. Laszlo Csatary,  While serving as a senior policeContinue reading “Laszlo Csatary- Sometimes it looks like the evil seem to live forever.”

How Neutral was Ireland during WWII-Ireland and the Third Reich.

The Republic of Ireland was and still is a neutral country but during WWII there were many Irish volunteers who fought with the allies against the Axis power.Like The first RAF bomber pilot to be shot down and killed in 1939 was Willie Murphy from Cork. His navigator, Larry Slattery, from Thurles, became the longest-serving ‘British’Continue reading “How Neutral was Ireland during WWII-Ireland and the Third Reich.”

Dr.Aribert Heim-AKA Tarek Hussein Farid-AKA Dr.Death

One of the aspects of WWII I find most disturbing is really what happened after the war, so many of the Nazi criminals got away with murder and were never brought to justice. Often helped by Nazi sympathizers or worse yer by allied forces. Aribert Ferdinand Heim (28 June 1914 – 10 August 1992)was anContinue reading “Dr.Aribert Heim-AKA Tarek Hussein Farid-AKA Dr.Death”

Oskar Gröning -Bookkeeper of Auschwitz

This week marks the 1st anniversary of the trial against Oskar Gröning- the ‘Bookkeeper’ of Auschwitz. So it’s a good opportunity to look back at his life and his trial. More than 70 years have passed since the liberation of the death camps and many of those involved have now died. So the trial ofContinue reading “Oskar Gröning -Bookkeeper of Auschwitz”

Forgotten History-Maria Mandl:The Female face of evil

There is a misconception that only men are able to carry out evil acts and atrocities, but evil does not discriminate ,it comes in every color,gender,race and religion. Maria Mandl (also spelled Mandel; 10 January 1912 – 24 January 1948) was an Austrian SS-Helferin infamous for her key role in the Holocaust as a top-rankingContinue reading “Forgotten History-Maria Mandl:The Female face of evil”

Gudrun Burwitz Daughter of Heinrich Himmler-Blinded by love or hate

    This blog is not meant to accuse or judge but merely to portray the warped ideology of the Nazi’s and the influence they still have nowadays and how indoctrinated their ideology still is in some of their descendants. Every time I see a documentary about Hitler and his henchmen the fact doesn’t escapeContinue reading “Gudrun Burwitz Daughter of Heinrich Himmler-Blinded by love or hate”

Forgotten History- War Criminal;Klaas Carel Faber.

  This is mot a scientific fact, it’s just my opinion and observation but it seems to be that those who have committed horrible crimes in WWII(and who weren’t captured) appear to have long and prosperous lives. What is even more disturbing not all escaped war criminal fled to South America, some of them hadContinue reading “Forgotten History- War Criminal;Klaas Carel Faber.”