Chaim Nussbaum- The Rabbi who escaped the Nazis and survived theBurma Railway

Rabbi Chaim Nussbaum was born in Lithuania, but  grew up in Scheveningen in the Netherlands.  His story in World War 2 is a remarkable, some people just have a very strong life force. After he got  married  he returned, together with his wife, to his country of origin, Lithuania. When the Nazis invaded Lithuania inContinue reading “Chaim Nussbaum- The Rabbi who escaped the Nazis and survived theBurma Railway”

Richard Ira Bong- WWII Hero

I could do a very lengthy blog about Richard Ira Bong but I decided to stay with the facts that really matter. For everything else I urge you to look up his name, so much has already written about him. Today would have been his 99th birthday. He is credited with shooting down 40 enemyContinue reading “Richard Ira Bong- WWII Hero”

Hiroshima-The forgotten History.

Today marks the 74th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. So much has already been documented about this, so therefore I will focusing more on the lesser known facts about that fateful day and the aftermath The crew of the Enola Gay consisted of 12 men. Prior to the war in the Pacifc and taking commandContinue reading “Hiroshima-The forgotten History.”

Wim Kan’s World War 2 years.

Anyone living outside the Netherlands or the Flemish speaking part of Belgium will probably have never heard of Wim Kan. It is actually not that easy to describe what he was, his title was cabaretier ,which is French for Cabaret performer. But I think the term ‘stand up comedian’ would be more relevant nowadays, evenContinue reading “Wim Kan’s World War 2 years.”

George Takei and Executive Order 9066.

I am not saying I agree with Executive Order 9066, in fact I strongly disagree with it. It was a breach of basic human rights.However it is also very easy for people nowadays to judge about things retrospectively and for people who never found themselves in the unprecedented times like WWII. Executive Order 9066 wasContinue reading “George Takei and Executive Order 9066.”

The unfortunate career of L. Ron Hubbard

Most people will associate the name of   L. Ron Hubbard with the Church of Scientology and his work as an author of science fiction books. Although one may not fully understand the concept of the Church of Scientology or agree with its teachings, you would have to agree it is a successful venture, and theContinue reading “The unfortunate career of L. Ron Hubbard”

The cowardly execution of Sgt.Leonard Siffleet.

The Japanese Imperial  Armed forces did claim they were honorable and conducted themselves in the way of the Bushido. In reality there was very little honour in how they conducted themselves, especially when it came to treating prisoners of war. The Bushido code consists of a set of 8 virtues, one of them being Benevolence orContinue reading “The cowardly execution of Sgt.Leonard Siffleet.”

The Pig Basket atrocity

We all know about the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime and they are truly awful, mostly even hard to fathom, but we should never forget the crimes committed by the Japanese regime, very often they were just as evil if not worse.. One only had to look at the rape of Nanking or atContinue reading “The Pig Basket atrocity”

A destructive beauty.

On July 16,1945,at 5:29 a.m the world witnessed a beautiful yet devastating event. When I say world I really mean only a select few. What they witnessed was the first ever nuclear test, designated the ‘Trinity Test’ it was part of the Manhattan Project. The bomb that was detonated was ‘the gadget’. Although we allContinue reading “A destructive beauty.”

Japanese attack on Fort Stevens-Oregon.

After the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7 1941, there was a fear that Japan had plans to invade the US. This never happened, although there had been a few attacks on American soil by Japan, these did very little damage. The only military base ever to be attacked by Japan was Forts Stevens on theContinue reading “Japanese attack on Fort Stevens-Oregon.”