The young people who fought back.

  I have many weaknesses ,one of them is that I have a very low tolerance or even no tolerance for people who have a warped sense of entitlement. I know I shouldn’t be intolerant and just rise above it , but I find that very hard at times. Especially when it comes to theContinue reading “The young people who fought back.”

The end of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising

I often like to play with words for example when you take Warsaw and switch some parts of the name you get an accurate description of what the city went through during WWII . Saw War and Was raw. Warsaw saw the war in its rawest  and most brutal form. It is also one ofContinue reading “The end of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising”

The shoemaker and the Bride of Auschwitz.

This is a short poignant story but it has so much in it.A story of hope,survival,death, bereavement and most of all a story that tells us that life is a very precious thing. It is also a stark reminder that we have to remain vigilant to ensure that evil doesn’t win. It is the storyContinue reading “The shoemaker and the Bride of Auschwitz.”

They paid a high price-The heroes of the Warsaw uprising.

On April 19, 1943, the Warsaw ghetto uprising began after German troops and police entered the ghetto to deport its surviving inhabitants. By May 16, 1943, the Germans had crushed the uprising and left the ghetto area in ruins. Surviving ghetto residents were deported to concentration camps or killing centers.. So many times have IContinue reading “They paid a high price-The heroes of the Warsaw uprising.”

Warsaw Ghetto-Hell on earth

Most people know the stories of the concentration camps and death camps,and they even may know about the ghettos. However what most people do not realize is the amount of ghettos created by the Nazis during WWII. In Poland alone there were more then 270 ghettos. Life in the ghettos was usually unbearable. Overcrowding wasContinue reading “Warsaw Ghetto-Hell on earth”

It’s the beauty that killed the beast:The bravery of Franceska Mann.

Franceska Mann   (February 4, 1917 – October 23, 1943) Franciszka Mann was a young dancer residing in Warsaw before the Second World War. She studied dance in the dance school of Irena Prusicka. Her friends at that time included Wiera Gran and Stefania Grodzieńska. In 1939 she placed 4th during the international dance competition in Brussels among 125Continue reading “It’s the beauty that killed the beast:The bravery of Franceska Mann.”

The Diary of Mary Berg(Miriam Wattenberg)

Mary Berg lived in the Warsaw Ghetto, but her situation was very unusual. Though she was born in Poland, her mother was an American, so her ultimate fate was different from most of her neighbors. Jews with American citizenship could possibly be exchanged for German prisoners of war, so they had a unique value toContinue reading “The Diary of Mary Berg(Miriam Wattenberg)”

The Jewish ghetto Police

Officially called the Jewish Organization for the Maintenance of Public Order (Ger., Jüdischer Ordungsdienst; Pol., Żydowska Służba Porządkowa), Jewish police units were established under Nazi occupation in most East European ghettos. The establishment of a police force usually was connected with the creation of the ghettos, which excluded the Jewish population from general police jurisdiction and thusContinue reading “The Jewish ghetto Police”

The Stroop Report- souvenir turned evidence.

A report by SS Brigadefuhrer Jurgen Stroop dealing with the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto. Stroop was sent to Warsaw to remove the 56.000 surviving Jews from the ghetto, and he recorded his deeds – daily killings with cold-blooded brutality – in a boastful seventy-five-page report bound together in black pebble leather and including copiesContinue reading “The Stroop Report- souvenir turned evidence.”

The Zoo that saved Jews-The story of Jan and Antonina Żabiński.

It’s at times of great inhumanity that you can find the greatest examples of humanity, if you look closely enough. Jan Żabiński (8 April 1897 – 26 July 1974, Warsaw) and Antonina Żabińska  (1908–1971) were a married couple from Warsaw,recognized by the State of Israel as the Polish Righteous Among the Nations for their heroicContinue reading “The Zoo that saved Jews-The story of Jan and Antonina Żabiński.”