Female beauty and War.

I have done so many pieces on the horrors and the ugly side of World War 2 so I decided that today I am going to turn it around a bit. Today the focus will be on celebrating some of the beautiful women who served in WWII in a variety of ways. The picture aboveContinue reading “Female beauty and War.”

Gerda Steinhoff- No remorse but jokes.

++++++++CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES++++++++++ The buzzword nowadays is gender balance, and to be fair to the Nazi regime they had figured out gender balance decades ago. But was that a good thing? When it come to evil there is no real difference between men and women, the men are in general physically stronger through their biology,Continue reading “Gerda Steinhoff- No remorse but jokes.”

Opha May Johnson-US Marine

Today marks the 100th anniversary of real girl power. Om August 13th 1918,Opha May Johnson became the first Female US Marine. World War I was drawing to an end when the Marine Corps decided to fill some of the gaps left behind by all the men fighting overseas. In 1918, Johnson was the first ofContinue reading “Opha May Johnson-US Marine”

Women at War- The heroines of WWII

On the day it is in ,international women’s day, it’s the perfect time to celebrate women at war and World War 2 to be precise. Women fulfilled many roles during WWII be at on the battlefield or on the home front.They were nurses, pilots, secret agents or workers in the factories. Each had a partContinue reading “Women at War- The heroines of WWII”

Sexy and Lethal-WWWII: Women of World War 2

I know the title is not PC, but it reflects the reality because these women were sexy. They would give any man a run for their money. They were not to be messed with and they were lethal. Either as part of the resistance or armed forces they were a force to be reckoned with.Continue reading “Sexy and Lethal-WWWII: Women of World War 2”