David Friedmann;painting to survive-My interview with his daughter Miriam.

David Friedmann’s story is not just a story of dealing with the horrors of the Holocaust but also a story of a second chance and hopes despite immense grief and hardships. The artist David Friedmann was born in Mährisch Ostrau, Austria (now Ostrava, Czech Republic), but moved to Berlin in 1911. In 1944, Friedman wasContinue reading “David Friedmann;painting to survive-My interview with his daughter Miriam.”

J.D. -The Forgotten WWII Hero.

This most be one of the most intriguing WWII stories,not is it only one of those rare positive WWII stories it also ties in to WWI and the effects of it still apply today. We have no name for this hero, all we know him as is J.D. .  We know of J.D is thatContinue reading “J.D. -The Forgotten WWII Hero.”

The Nine Sovereigns at Windsor for the funeral of King Edward VII.

I have often wondered If World War I was nothing else then a family feud gone out of control. If you look at all the royal families in Europe and even outside of Europe, they are mostly all related  in one way or another. There is nothing more clearer indicating this then a picture whichContinue reading “The Nine Sovereigns at Windsor for the funeral of King Edward VII.”

Zeppelins,Bombing and Chocolate

Ever since I was a young lad I was interested in WWII,mainly because I had a personal connection to it. But for some reason I was never really that interested in WWI, probably because the Netherlands had managed to stay out of it. However the last few years I have become more interested in theContinue reading “Zeppelins,Bombing and Chocolate”

The Jewish typewriter salesman who recommended Hitler for an Iron cross.

I have to confess that the the title is somewhat misleading because Hugo Gutmann was not a typewriter salesman as of yet when he recommended Hitler’s award of the Iron Cross First Class. Hugo Gutmann was one of the 12,000 Jewish military who fought for Germany during WWI. from 29 January to 31 August, 1918Continue reading “The Jewish typewriter salesman who recommended Hitler for an Iron cross.”

Harry Truman

I know what you all will be thinking that this will be a blog about President Truman, possibly about the order he gave to drop the atomic bombs. Well, you’d be wrong. It is indeed a blog about some explosive events but nothing WWII related. In fact it isn’t about President Truman either. The subjectContinue reading “Harry Truman”

And the guns fell silent.

November 11, 1918. 10:59 am, one last volley of machine gun fire, one last soldier to die.Henry Nicholas John Gunther took one last charge with his bayonet, The enemy warned him , but he wanted to proof himself.He wanted to show his demotion from Sergeant to Private had been unjustified. One last hoorah, one lastContinue reading “And the guns fell silent.”

Opha May Johnson-US Marine

Today marks the 100th anniversary of real girl power. Om August 13th 1918,Opha May Johnson became the first Female US Marine. World War I was drawing to an end when the Marine Corps decided to fill some of the gaps left behind by all the men fighting overseas. In 1918, Johnson was the first ofContinue reading “Opha May Johnson-US Marine”

Creating the conditions for the Holocaust

Nowadays it is very easy to blame social media for widely distributing fake news on a large scale by means of memes and other ways. However this is nothing new, about 100 years ago this was happening through way of propaganda postcards and cartoons(after all a meme is nothing else then a digital propaganda orContinue reading “Creating the conditions for the Holocaust”

The hills are alive with the sound of sinking Ships.

  Who hasn’t heard of the Sound of Music, an immensely popular movie about the von Trapp family. But behind the idyllic portrayal of the family lies a darker origin. I will not focus on the singing legacy in this blog but more on that ‘darker side of the story. Georg von Trapp’s first wiveContinue reading “The hills are alive with the sound of sinking Ships.”