Facing new realities

Just before Christmas 2011 I lost the sight in my right eye. The retina had become detached but after 2 operations the sight could not be saved, in fact my eye shrunk and have now a glass shell with  an eye painted on it in front of the remainder of my eye.

At the time I felt like giving up since the sight in my left eye wasn’t great either. All sorts of scenarios were going through my head and none of them were positive.After a while I decided that feeling sorry for myself wasn’t going to be a luxury I just couldn’t afford anymore, I had a family to look after. I just had to face the new realities and deal with them.

Things were going fine for a while. the vision in my left eye had improved with the help of glasses, so much so that I was even able to drive again. But then in October 2014,whilst out shopping, the sight in my left eye was rapidly getting blurry, we had to hurry home before the sight was completely gone.

Rushed to the A& E department it was diagnosed my eye had cataracts and a surgery was needed to fix it, usually these are very simple procedures but with my history it was going to be more complicated.

At the same time I also found out my dad was dying from cancer, and since he lived abroad I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to see him again.

Three weeks after the diagnoses the operation went ahead, Initially all seemed well but alas as fate would have it  a few weeks later the retina in my left eye became detached. The world just stopped for me when I heard this. I was facing becoming blind, given the fact this had already happened to me before with disastrous results.To make things worse there was no surgeon available in the local hospital. Arrangements were made to get the surgery done 100 KM away from home.Although I was distressed  I again took he attitude of not becoming a victim but a victor, with a bit of help from above I had faith that things would turn out fine.

The operation was a success although it took months before I could see again, but whilst recovering in the hospital and at home my creativity was ignited. I came up with a story of a blind mad dealing with an apocalyptic event.

Once I regained my sight I decided to bring this story to life and write a book, which I did.

My Father eventually died in June 2015 but I had been able to fly over a few times to see him before he passed away.

These events gave me a new sense of direction and a whole new perspective of life, I started appreciating the small things in life again.

The reason why I am telling you this is to never give up on life, never how hard it seems sometimes. I know it sounds like a cliche but there is always a silver lining even in the darkest of clouds.




Not just a guide dog

Not just a guide dog


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