In Old Arizona- The innovative movie that nearly didn’t get made due to a Jackrabbit.

In Old Arizona is a 1928 American Western film directed by Irving Cummings and Raoul Walsh, nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The film, which was based on the character of the Cisco Kid in the story “The Caballero’s Way” by O. Henry, was a major innovation in Hollywood. It was the first major Western to use the new technology of sound and the first talkie toContinue reading “In Old Arizona- The innovative movie that nearly didn’t get made due to a Jackrabbit.”

Education for Death- and other WWII propaganda movies.

During WWII Hollywood did not sit still, it actively contributed to the US propaganda machine. These propaganda movies were not done by unknown or obscure movie makers. They were done by some of the biggest studios in Tinseltown.One of the more surprising was no other then Walt Disney. Education for Death: The Making of theContinue reading “Education for Death- and other WWII propaganda movies.”

Herbert Brenon-Forgotten Irish Oscar nominated Movie Director

I pride myself to be a bit of a movie buff, but to my amazement I had never heard of this Oscar nominated and ‘Photo Play-Medal of Honor’ winner. Today marks his 140th birthday. He has been credited for directing at least 124 movies and shorts, which is an amazing feat by any measure. HerbertContinue reading “Herbert Brenon-Forgotten Irish Oscar nominated Movie Director”