When we forget our History, we forfeit our Future.

The Holocaust is by far the worst era of mankind. It has shown us on how a supposedly cultured and sophisticated society, murdered millions because they were deemed not to have a place in that society. But this didn’t come as a lighting from the blue. It was brewing for decades. Two political movements wereContinue reading “When we forget our History, we forfeit our Future.”

When scientists pledged allegiance to Hitler.

If anyone doubts it is not dangerous to link science with politics, they need to have a look at history to see how devastating that can be. At the Albert Hall in Leipzig , on November 11, 1933-this was less then 8 months after Enabling Act was signed in which Hitler was given absolute power,Continue reading “When scientists pledged allegiance to Hitler.”

Hitler’s Nero Decree

Killing millions in concentration camps wasn’t enough for Hitler. On March 19 he issued the “Befehl betreffend Zerstörungsmaßnahmen im Reichsgebiet” (Demolitions on Reich Territory Decree)but subsequently became known as the Nero Decree, named after the Roman emperor Nero who ordered Rome to be burned to the ground. This is basically what Hitler wanted for allContinue reading “Hitler’s Nero Decree”

Profiling the Criminal mind of Hitler.

How do you profile the mind of one of the most evil men whoever roamed the Earth? The Office of Strategic Services(now CIA) tasked psychoanalyst Walter C. Langer and psychologist Henry Murray to come up with an extensive analysis of Hitler’s mind in 1943. The reports used many sources to profile Hitler, including a numberContinue reading “Profiling the Criminal mind of Hitler.”

April 23,1945- Speer and Goering

In the English language there is a saying ” The chickens are coming home to roost” it basically means bad deeds or words return to discomfort their perpetrator. Hitler must have felt very much discomforted by the actions of two of his closest allies. Hermann Göring sent Hitler a telegram wherein he gave Hitler anContinue reading “April 23,1945- Speer and Goering”

The Origin of Nazi Evil

I was struggling with a title for this blog, I initially wanted to call it the Origin of Evil, but I don’t think that would reflect the truth. If you look at the eyes of the woman in the picture, you might think they look familiar, and you would be right. The woman is Klara PölzlContinue reading “The Origin of Nazi Evil”

Hoffmann,photographing the freak Hitler.

Heinrich Hoffmann was a Nazi politician but also was Adolf Hitler’s official photographer.He was also part of the Nazi propaganda machine. The one thing that always intrigued me is why did a man who was so close to Hitler mot see what freak he was dealing with. He must have seen that the man was clearlyContinue reading “Hoffmann,photographing the freak Hitler.”

The Gemlich letter-Hitler’s first letter of hate.

Dated 16 September 1919, the ‘Gemlich letter’ is the first known written statement of Hitler’s Antisemitism. It a letter written by Adolf Hitler at the behest of Karl Mayr to Adolf Gemlich, a German army soldier. The letter, written in 1919 in response to a request for clarification on the Jewish question. (Karl Mayr in uniformContinue reading “The Gemlich letter-Hitler’s first letter of hate.”

Hitler’s Dental Records

History channel has been showing a documentary series called “Hunting Hitler”. The aim of the show is to proof that Hitler did not commit suicide but escaped to Argentina. Although intriguing and compelling, and if you weren’t au fait with the history, you might actually believe it. However there are several parts of evidence thatContinue reading “Hitler’s Dental Records”

Leo Rudolf Raubal, Jr-Adolf Hitler’s nephew

Adolf Hitler had no children, although it is claimed  that he did have a son called Jean-Marie Loret. He was was born illegitimately in 1918 in Seboncourt as Jean-Marie Lobjoie. His mother was Charlotte Eudoxie Alida Lobjoie (1898–1951), daughter of Louis Joseph Alfred Lobjoie, a butcher, and his wife Marie Flore Philomène (Colpin) Lobjoie. According to the birth registry ofContinue reading “Leo Rudolf Raubal, Jr-Adolf Hitler’s nephew”