Otto Frank

On this day 40 years ago. Otto Frank passed away, aged 91. On may 15 1945 he wrote the following letter while on board the Monowai steamship. This was exactly 5 years after the Dutch had capitulated to the Germans. “The closer we get to home the greater our impatience to hear from our lovedContinue reading “Otto Frank”

Anne & Kitty

If there is one thing that Anne Frank’s diary teaches us ,it’s the importance of context. If you take her diary out of context it probably is quite a boring book. But if you leave it in the context and the time it was written in it becomes a powerful story of daily life andContinue reading “Anne & Kitty”

Does it really matter who betrayed Anne Frank?

The question who betrayed Anne Frank and the others hiding in the annex, has never really been conclusively answered. There are plenty of well founded speculations but there has not been a 100% certainty yet to who betrayed them. There is also still a possibility that no one betrayed them but that they were discoveredContinue reading “Does it really matter who betrayed Anne Frank?”

My letter to Anne Frank

Dear Anne, You don’t know me, but I know you.In fact nearly everyone knows you, and yet no one really knows you. We know you  through your personal stories you wrote in your diary. We see each word, each letter and each paragraph, but we don’t see your hopes, your fears or your anxiety. YouContinue reading “My letter to Anne Frank”

Self Isolation

In many countries around the globe people are being advised to self isolate when they have or think they may have symptoms of the Covid 19 infection. The recommended period vary between 7 and 14 days. Many people say this has never happened before.However for many this was a reality due to the virus  createdContinue reading “Self Isolation”

What could have been.

Just a young girl standing outside of her school  in Amsterdam,with a sign saying ‘memory of my school time 1936’ . The whole future was still ahead of her. The possibilities were endless.Her dream was to become a midwife, a noble profession to help deliver new life, witness the joy of the young mothers, butContinue reading “What could have been.”

93 Trains

93 trains left concentration camp Westerbork in the Netherlands between July 1942 and September 1944. All the trains were heading eastbound. Not one single  journey would be  a pleasant one , The final destination would more then likely result in death. I deliberately call Westerbork a concentration camp, because that’s what it was, It isContinue reading “93 Trains”

Anne Frank-Just an ordinary girl.

On August 4,1944 a tip from a Dutch informer led the Gestapo to the now so well known secret annex in Amsterdam. Anne Frank, her family and all the other occupants would be arrested. Via her diary Anne Frank became one of the  symbols  of the Holocaust. I often read people describing her diary and herContinue reading “Anne Frank-Just an ordinary girl.”

Anne Frank 90

Today would have been Anne Frank’s 90th birthday. I have already done several blogs about Anne and her Family but today I just want to remember her birthday with some moments of her life. To put in Anne’s own words. “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improveContinue reading “Anne Frank 90”

Anne Frank- Just a teenage girl.

When you look up in formation on Anne Frank, the first thing you will see is that she is described as a German born or Dutch Diarist as if she was a well established author or Journalist, but she wasn’t. She was just a teenage girl who happened to write a diary, like so manyContinue reading “Anne Frank- Just a teenage girl.”