The ‘Captain’-the evil of Willi Herold

Last week a lady  asked me how was it possible that people committed so may awful atrocities during WWII, did their conscience not bother them. She also thought it must have taken years for people to be indoctrinated in evil thinking. I told her that it actually takes a very short time for the humanContinue reading “The ‘Captain’-the evil of Willi Herold”

Wilhelm Boger,the tiger of Auschwitz-Auschwitz Political Department

The Political Department was the representative of the RSHA( Reich Main Security Office)in the camp, and its main objectives  were Identification documentation Keeping files on individual prisoners Investigations Interrogations Intelligence service Surveillance Camp registrar (sometimes in conjunction with supervision of the crematorium) Wilhelm Friedrich Boger who had the nickname ‘the tiger of Auschwitz’, was an officerContinue reading “Wilhelm Boger,the tiger of Auschwitz-Auschwitz Political Department”

Coming face to face with the Holocaust

In April 1945 the allied troops forced the citizens of Neunburg,Germany to face up to some of the atrocities ordered and  committed by their elected government. They were made to look at bodies of Jewish  and other slave laborers in woods outside Neunberg, where they were marched from a Nazi Gestapo camp and where thyContinue reading “Coming face to face with the Holocaust”

Michael Kitzelmann, his conscience got the better of him.

It would be absurd to say that every German soldier was bad. There were some who saw what was happening and protested against it and paid the ultimate price for it. Michael Kitzelmann had been a loyal soldier of the Wehrmacht. He was company commander at the age of  24,  and was awarded the IronContinue reading “Michael Kitzelmann, his conscience got the better of him.”

St. Stephen’s College massacre-Japanese Hong Kong atrocity

The St. Stephen’s College massacre  involved a series of acts of extreme cruelty committed by the Imperial Japanese Army on 25 December 1941 during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong at St. Stephen’s College. Several hours before the British surrendered on Christmas day at the end of the Battle of Hong Kong, Japanese soldiers entered St. Stephen’s College, which was being used as a hospitalContinue reading “St. Stephen’s College massacre-Japanese Hong Kong atrocity”

The Gardelegen massacre

+++++CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES++++++ On May 7th, 1945, Life Magazine published a series of photographs which showed the atrocities discovered by American troops as they fought their way across Germany during the last days of World War II. Included was the photo below, which shows the charred bodies of concentration camp prisoners who were burned toContinue reading “The Gardelegen massacre”

Karl Schümers- the butcher of Greece

Karl Schümers (17 October 1905 – 18 August 1944) was a high-ranking commander in the Waffen-SS and Ordnungspolizei (police) of Nazi Germany during World War II. He commanded the SS Polizei Division in July – August 1944. He was directly or indirectly involved in many of the major atrocities committed in Greece during 1944. KilledContinue reading “Karl Schümers- the butcher of Greece”

Japanese Human Target practice

The Japanese treatment of prisoners of war in World War II was barbaric. The men shown in the above picture are part of the Sikh Regiment of the British Indian Army. All of them are sitting in the traditional cross-legged prayer position. They’re probably reciting their final prayers as this picture was being taken. It’sContinue reading “Japanese Human Target practice”

Confronted with the crimes of their leaders.

It would of course be unfair to say that all Germans and Austrians were guilty of the atrocities carried out by their leaders. But it is also unfair to believe that no one of the ordinary citizenship knew what was happening. The excuse of “we didn’t know” should not always have been taken for granted.Continue reading “Confronted with the crimes of their leaders.”

The evil of Japan during WWII

Many people forget that the Japanese war crimes were as bad if not worse then those committed by the Nazi’s albeit it on a marginal lesser scale. Beside the crimes and experiment committed by Unit 731 there were a great number of other atrocities, including cannibalism.   In “The Knights of Bushido”, Lord RussellContinue reading “The evil of Japan during WWII”