Edmund Plesser- Born 16 October 1928- Murdered 23 July 1943

One thing I only thought of today. On September 26 1940 there was a ban imposed on all Jewish newspapers in the Netherlands, with the exception of ” Het Joodsche Weekblad” the Jewish weekly. I always found that strange, why didn’t they ban all newspapers?

Then today I cam across the story of Edmund Plesser a young talened Jewish singer. When he was aged 8 he did a convert in the small oratorium of the Amsterdam Concert building. The concert was led by Samuel Henri Englander, I presume. That was the name on the advertisement in the newspaper.

In October 1941 Edmund’s parents announced the Bar mitzvah of their son which would occur on October 25, 1941. The ad must have been placed in ” Het Joodsche Weekblad” because that was the only news paper was allowed to be used by the Dutch Jews.

When I saw this ad it dawned on me because the as gives all the details of the family, their address, their names. It was basically a record for the Nazis and their collaborators. So even that bit of freedom the Dutch Jews had was used as a tool to locate them, Undoubtedly other Jewish families would have placed similar ads or announcements of other family events.

Edmund and his family were murdered in Sobibor on July 23,1943.

Edmund’s musical director Samuel Henri Englander was also murdered in Sobibor , on June 11, 1943 about 6 weeks before the Plesser family was murdered.


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