The parallel universe in Auschwitz.

I was struggling with the title but to be honest I can’t think there is another way of describing it. An estimated 1.5 to 2 million children were killed during the Holocaust. How many were killed in Auschwitz is not clear but if you consider that for example on October 10,1944 800 gypsy children wereContinue reading “The parallel universe in Auschwitz.”

The book of…..

They say that everyone has a book in them. Just imagine the millions of books which were never written because of a regime that deemed millions unworthy of life, leave alone worthy of writing a book. So many potential authors and scholars who never got a chance because of policies based on hate. The bookContinue reading “The book of…..”

Kurt Heissmeyer-“For me there was no basic difference between human beings and guinea pigs.”

One of the more disturbing aspects of the Holocaust is that so many perpetrators got way with murder, even after admitting to it. Kurt Heissmeyer was a SS physician and the nephew of the senior SS officer August Heissmeyer. In order for Kurt to receive a professorship he requires to present original research. Even though  previouslyContinue reading “Kurt Heissmeyer-“For me there was no basic difference between human beings and guinea pigs.””

Why? Why? Why?

Young human beings why did you have to die? One of you still has the eyes open but the eyes are without a spark, the life has gone out of them. I don’t know who these children are, all I know that they died from starvation and typhus and were about to be buried. TheContinue reading “Why? Why? Why?”

Give Me Your Children

There were many contradictions during the Holocaust on one hand there were Nazis like Wilm Hosenfeld who saved Jews, on the other hand there were Jews who helped the Nazis ensuring many Jews  were put on transport to their deaths. One of those Jews was Chaim Rumkowski and although I try no to be judgmental in thisContinue reading “Give Me Your Children”

Litzmannstadt-the Children’s concentration camp.

The children’s camp on Przemyslowa Street in Lodz, which was located within the Lodz Ghetto.Separated from the Ghetto only by a high fence made of planks. The young inmates were Polish children from all of Poland’s regions.The children were either ophans or the children of deported parents. They were aged between 2 and 17 butContinue reading “Litzmannstadt-the Children’s concentration camp.”

World War 2 heart break. -But in a positive way.

There are so many images of death and destruction during WWII, Images of dying children or children that already have been killed. Images of families torn apart not knowing if they will ever see each other again, But the amazing thing though, amidst all of these portrayals of the abyss there are some pictures thatContinue reading “World War 2 heart break. -But in a positive way.”

Hitler’s Children

One of the more disturbing and intriguing aspects about Hitler is his seemingly fondness of children,at least ‘aryan’ children. The same man who was responsible of millions of children to die, made sure he would use any photo opportunity with kids. He saw children in two ways, they were either impure and  the offspring ofContinue reading “Hitler’s Children”

The Children of Castle Hoensbroek

I came across the above picture a few years ago and the information I got with it is that the children in the picture were orphans, staying with the nuns in Castle Hoensbroek, in Limburg .the south east of the Netherlands However all the children had been placed under guardianship. They originally came from aContinue reading “The Children of Castle Hoensbroek”