Wash your hands.

With the Covid 19 virus sweeping the world, you’d swear that washing your hands has become a new thing. How some media talk about it sounds sometimes like a new fashion trend. People have been told to wash their hands long before Covid 19 made an appearance.Below are some examples of “Wash your hands” campaignContinue reading “Wash your hands.”

My letter to Anne Frank

Dear Anne, You don’t know me, but I know you.In fact nearly everyone knows you, and yet no one really knows you. We know you  through your personal stories you wrote in your diary. We see each word, each letter and each paragraph, but we don’t see your hopes, your fears or your anxiety. YouContinue reading “My letter to Anne Frank”

Toilet Paper

When I first started doing my blogs I never though I would be writing about toilet paper one day, but due this upsurge in the fascination with toilet paper , caused by the Covid 19 crisis, I felt compelled to have a quick look at the history of toilet paper. Below are just some keyContinue reading “Toilet Paper”

Self Isolation

In many countries around the globe people are being advised to self isolate when they have or think they may have symptoms of the Covid 19 infection. The recommended period vary between 7 and 14 days. Many people say this has never happened before.However for many this was a reality due to the virus  createdContinue reading “Self Isolation”