Auschwitz- Some forgotten facts.

Prisoners in Auschwitz were given a number which was tattooed on their arm. Marking people with a number makes it easier to treat them as objects rather then human beings. However not everyone got a number, there were occasions where they ran out of ink. More people were killed in Auschwitz then the combined total Continue reading “Auschwitz- Some forgotten facts.”

Paying to be transported to death.

  Killing the Jews wasn’t enough for the Nazi regime. They also needed to be humiliated. and their deaths had to be profitable. Laws were introduced to remove them from any social interaction and then they were forcibly removed from their homes, with only one suitcase of possessions, all other valuables were sold or justContinue reading “Paying to be transported to death.”

Snap shot of Death-Registering the dead in Auschwitz.

If any one still has any doubts about the scale of murder during the Holocaust, you only have to look at the the 2 official documents below. They are both from the death register in Auschwitz. The first  page are the registered deaths of female prisoners. The document is dated December 11,1943 the heading says”Continue reading “Snap shot of Death-Registering the dead in Auschwitz.”

May 21 not a good day for Monarchs

Throughout history the 21st if May has not been kind to many royals, it appears that a high number of Kings,Queens and emperors perished this day. Since the calendar has changed a bit some of the earlier records are estimated to have been on May 21. Emperor Da of Wu (literally “Great Emperor of Wu”),Continue reading “May 21 not a good day for Monarchs”

You just couldn’t make this up- Weird deaths.

Sometimes truth is stranger then fiction. These are some of the saddest but also most bizarre causes of death I ever heard of.   Clement Vallandigham Clement Laird Vallandigham July 29, 1820 – June 17, 1871) was an Ohio politician and leader of the Copperhead faction of anti-war Democrats during the American Civil War. He served two terms in the United States House of Representatives.Continue reading “You just couldn’t make this up- Weird deaths.”

Into the great wide open

This is a tribute to the musicians who left this place in 2017 to venture into the great wide open. Although 2017 was not as bad as 2016, we still have lost a great number of musical legends. In fact the numbers were so great that I won’t be able to mention all of themContinue reading “Into the great wide open”