When you look for answers and you get more questions.

Most of my life has been occupied with one question ” Why did my Grandfather die?”

As far as I am aware and as far as I was told he was executed by the German occupiers during WWII. It has only been recently I actually found out the actual date he died, which was May 12 1942, he was 47 at the time.

I have come across some other information I had not been aware of until today. I had an uncle who had the same name as my grandfather .Jan de Klein. I found a picture of the grave of my Grandparents and my Uncle. The odd thing about it was the fact there was a little headstone on top of the grave of my Grandparents. Usually this is done when a young child has died with the parents, however my Uncle was 77 when he died in 1998.

This left me with a few more questions, Firstly why was the grave in that particular configuration, secondly since my Uncle was born October 24,1920 this would have put him age 19 at the start of the occupation of the Netherlands, was he therefore involved in any way in the armed forces or resistance?

None of that would have been the case. It turns out he was severely mentally and physically disabled since birth.

This then posed another question, “How or why did he survive?” given the fact people with disabilities were send to the concentration camps.

The bizarre thing is I can tell you how the weather was on May 12 1942. The average temperature was 12,6 °C, and there was precipitation of about 0.3mm. But the reason why my Granddad died remains unanswered. It did bring up another theory though. On May 12 1942 there was a notification in the newspaper “Het dagblad van het Zuiden! the daily newspaper of the south that all men who served in the Dutch army on May 10,1940(this was the day the Germans invaded the Netherlands) and who were up to the age of 55, had to report to the occupying authorities by May 15th 1942. They had to bring a whole raft of ID with them.

Maybe my Granddad refused to do so and was killed for it. Either way my quest for the answers remains.


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I am one in a million


I am one in a million, my Father says.

I am unique in every way, my Mother says.

I am their bundle of joy my parents say.

I am a threat to the nation, the Nazis say.

I am costing the country a lot of money, the government says.

I should not have been born,  Doctors from T 4  say.

I am Werner Gross, I can’t walk by myself and I can’t hear or talk properly.

I am not wanted by the state.

I am only 4

I am not one in a million, in fact I am one of 2 about million children killed.


The unwanted Children


There is a misconception that the Nazi’s only killed Jewish and Gypsy Children. In fact they killed their own Children too.

Any child with a physical or mental disability risked being subjected to the T4 or 14f13 programs, and the disabilities did not have to be severe, the slightest disability was seen as an impurity which would contaminate the Aryan race.

Heinrich Sund




Heinrich was described of being diagnosed with microcephaly (abnormal smallness of the head associated with incomplete brain development) then sadly killed by being overdosed with a morphine drug on August 17, 1943 at age 8 years.

Rolf Haubenreisser

Rolf Haubenreisser

Had seizures and difficulty speaking. Died of starvation on May 16, 1945 at age 9

Werner Gross

Werner Gross

Werner was described as suffering from inflammation of the ear which caused him to have trouble hearing and speaking. He was unable to walk by himself. He was transferred to the “Heil- und Pflegeanstalt Eichberg” & was  killed by a medical experiment on October 6, 1943 at age 4.

Alfred Rahnhert

Alfred Rahnhert

Diagnosed with a debility, murdered in the gas chamber on November 1, 1943 at age 5.

What is even more disturbing there are several governments who are re-introducing elements of the T4 an 14f13 programs, be it with different names.