Glasgow Rangers-Ibrox Park Deadly stadium.

Association Football also known as just Football or Soccer is the world’s most favourite sport.No sport united and divides fans like football. Legendary Dutch football coach Rinus Michels famously said that “top football is something like war. And unfortunately like war it has casualties. There have been several well documented Football disasters over the decades,Continue reading “Glasgow Rangers-Ibrox Park Deadly stadium.”

The forgotten disaster-The DSM disaster.

Little did I know when I was aged 7, that 2 headlines in a regional newspaper would have links to my life in ways I could never have imagined. On November 7,1975 2 events were in the Dutch newspapers. One event was a disaster which happened in a chemical plant, the other event was theContinue reading “The forgotten disaster-The DSM disaster.”

Challenger 28 January 1986

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 33 years  ago since the Challenger disaster happened. I still remember it as if it was yesterday. One thing that I hadn’t thought of was that there was a group of children watching while their Teacher died. Looking back it make sense of course that theContinue reading “Challenger 28 January 1986”

The RMS Atlantic- the “First Titanic”

RMS Atlantic, yard number 74, was a 3,707 ton four masted steam ship; only the second steam ship to be built for Thomas Ismay’s White Star Line. Sometimes referred to as White Star Line’s first Titanic, Atlantic sank  sank on April 1,1873 with the loss of around 562 lives, after striking rocks in Nova Scotia,Continue reading “The RMS Atlantic- the “First Titanic””

The fatal 90 seconds of The Herald of Free Enterprise

The Herald of Free Enterprise disaster occurred on 6 March 1987 after the Townsend Thoresen car ferry MS Herald of Free Enterprise left her berth at Zeebrugge, Belgium, with her bow doors open, capsizing soon after leaving the harbour.The ship left its berth in Zeebrugge inner harbour at 18:05 (GMT) with a crew of 80Continue reading “The fatal 90 seconds of The Herald of Free Enterprise”

Cavan Orphanage fire

In the early hours of 24 February  in 1943 fire broke out in the basement laundry of St. Joseph’s Orphanage & Industrial School run by the enclosed order of Poor Clare nuns in Main St., Cavan town. The fire very quickly turned into an inferno. The alarm was raised by horrified townspeople who tried toContinue reading “Cavan Orphanage fire”

The Struma Disaster-the floating coffin

Today  is the 76th anniversary of a tragic event that took place during World War II, involving 769 Jews who perished in a ramshackle ship called Struma while escaping from Romania. The woeful circumstances that surrounded this event were a grim global war, clumsy diplomatic maneuvers conducted by the British to keep the Jews awayContinue reading “The Struma Disaster-the floating coffin”

31 January 1953- the day the Dutch lost the battle against the Sea.

On this day in 1953, flooding in the North Sea kills more than 1,500 people in the Netherlands and destroys 1 million acres of farmland. The storm also caused death and destruction in Great Britain and Belgium.   A combination of a high spring tide and a severe European windstorm over the North Sea causedContinue reading “31 January 1953- the day the Dutch lost the battle against the Sea.”