It’s our diversity that makes us special.


We are in awe if we stand in front of a garden filled with flowers of all colours. Our mind wanders how such a beauty came to fruition.

After a heavy shower ,we look up and see the colours of the rainbow in the sky, Secretly we hope that one day we will find the end of a rainbow and claim the treasure of a pot of gold.

There is already a chill in the air, as you walk through the forest. But you don’t care because the colours that surround you give you a feeling of comfort and warmth.


You visit a zoo and decide to go to the tropical bird section. Amazing how these birds interact with each other, A true miracle how each single feather appears to have a different colour.


You walk down the road and see a person of different colour walking towards you. You cross the road because you feel uncomfortable communicating with this person.

Suddenly you remember those flowers, that autumn forest walk and the tropical birds. You ask yourself why don’t different colours in a different species bother you? Yet when it comes to your won species you get nervous and feel outside your comfort zone.

The thought then dawns on you that is our diversity that makes us special.

But the moment is gone for the person of different colour you wanted to avoid has now passed by, and you have missed the opportunity to meet a potential best friend.