The 1943 German law that denies justice to be done.

In 1943 a law was passed in Germany which gave all foreign Waffen SS members the German nationality by default. This law still prevents extradition of WWII War criminals to be extradited to their native countries, because these men have the German nationality , and Germany does not extradite it’s own citizens. These are justContinue reading “The 1943 German law that denies justice to be done.”

The Milgram experiment

One question that puzzles many people around the world is how was it possible that a sophisticated nation like Germany could be responsible for something is horrific as the Holocaust? The scary and the brutal reality is that is was extremely easy. Another reality is that this could have happened anywhere else. Someone once toldContinue reading “The Milgram experiment”

Planet Auschwitz

I was listening to some of  the testimonies of the Eichmann trials yesterday, and I think they actually had a physical effect on me. I woke up this morning feeling a bit sick and for some reason the little toe on my right foot was paralyzed, this has never happened to me before. It isContinue reading “Planet Auschwitz”