Heartbreak Hotel.

I don’t think there isn’t one person on the planet who hasn’t heard of Elvis, the undisputed King of Rock N Roll. This is the story of his first ever number 1 hit “Heartbreak Hotel”. ‘Why do a story on just one song?’ I hear you say. The answer is easy, there are so manyContinue reading “Heartbreak Hotel.”

The significance of August 16 in Music.

August 16 is a date like any other date, except when it comes to music. Several events on this date have had a massive impact on the music industry. In fact in musical terms it just doesn’t get bigger than this . August 16-1915 The birth of Al Hibbler Nowadays the name Al Hibbler willContinue reading “The significance of August 16 in Music.”

Graceland-Memphis Tennessee

Graceland is of course forever associated with the King of Rock N Roll, however it wasn’t always the property of Elvis. Graceland Farms was originally owned by Stephen C. Toof, founder of S.C. Toof & Co., the oldest commercial printing firm in Memphis. He had previously been the press room foreman of the Memphis newspaper,Continue reading “Graceland-Memphis Tennessee”

Do you gaze at your bald head and wish you had hair? Elvis Laughing.

Ever since I was a kid I have been a fan of Elvis-The King of Rock N Roll. Not  only was he  a great singer and performer he had also a great sense of humour. Elvis would often ad lib lyrics during live concerts, as he did during a Las Vegas gig in April 1969.Continue reading “Do you gaze at your bald head and wish you had hair? Elvis Laughing.”

Elvis in the Army

On this day 60 years ago in 1957, while spending the Christmas holidays at Graceland, his newly purchased Tennessee mansion, rock-and-roll star Elvis Presley receives his draft notice for the United States Army. Presley was originally scheduled to be inducted on January 20, 1958. However, due to commitments at Paramount and the filming schedule ofContinue reading “Elvis in the Army”

Elvis Presley-Special Drugs Enforcement Federal Agent

What do you need to do to become a special agent for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Well actually not that much. All you do is you book a flight to DC, on board you write a letter to the President of the USA. Once you land you take a limo to the White HouseContinue reading “Elvis Presley-Special Drugs Enforcement Federal Agent”

Grease,Elvis and Star Wars

I am not going to apologize for this but it is a fact I am a massive Grease fan, and today happens to be the anniversary of the single “Grease” reaching the #1 position on the Billboard top 100. However as the title of this blog suggests there is more to the story. Here areContinue reading “Grease,Elvis and Star Wars”

Elvis Presley and Robert Johnson

  Why did I use the names of these 2 artists as the title of this blog? Because they had nothing in common. Well that is not entirely true. Both were born in Mississippi and both died on the 16th of August, Elvis 42 years ago today and Robert Johnson 81 year ago today. BothContinue reading “Elvis Presley and Robert Johnson”

Survivor Guilt

Survivor guilt is a particular type of guilt that may develop in people who have survived a life-threatening situation. Individuals who believe it is unfair that they survived when others died and/or believe they did not do enough to save the lives of others may come to experience survivor guilt after trauma or a catastrophic event. Waylon Jennings wasContinue reading “Survivor Guilt”

Elvis and the Colonel

It may surprise many people but Elvis never performed outside of the Americas. The only country outside the US he ever toured was Canada, and even with that it was a short tour of about 5 concerts.In 1957 Elvis performed two shows at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto on April 2, two shows at theContinue reading “Elvis and the Colonel”